• Insights into integrated risk management

    Integrating risk and finance drives best-in-class efficiency and performance in financial services.

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Thank you for finding out more about SAP risk management. You have access to in-depth research on the challenges facing financial services companies that want to know about what risks they are running, and how to optimise the way they manage these risks.

  • Aligning Risk and Finance

    Banks have been attempting to align risk and finance functions for years with limited success. Chartis Research offers insight on how to meet today's challenges and achieve truly integrated risk and finance.

  • Risk management drives optimization

    IDC's report into a growing use of risk management: not simply compliance, but as a driver of capital optimization to improve performance.

  • The value of holistic risk information

    The complexity of your organisation creates a data management challenge that A-Team Group identifies: gather, normalise and synchronise information to drive risk analytics.

  • Equip the front office for risk

    The nature of regulation impacts the way that trading desks will work. Celent analyses the challenges from a strategic and competitive viewpoint.

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