SAP Student Council

SAP Student Council

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Join the SAP Student Council which is run by SAP University Alliances!

The SAP Student Council is for every student at a University, University of Applied Sciences, College, and students doing vocational training, apprenticeships, internships or similar education.

What's in for Students:

    Invitations to SAP Events
    Free Tickets
    Participation in App Development/Design
    Access to the latest high-tech news
    Community of passionate students
    Have the chance to work together with SAP
    Find a project for an university assignment
    Find other students for assignments and discussion
    Build a network within SAP that will help for a future career at SAP and a network with other highly motivated and excellent students

The purpose of the SAP Student Council is to facilitate mutual exchange between students and SAP, to give students the opportunity to influence and to offer an additional means for SAP University Alliances to listen to students and find out about their proposals and interests.

SAP University Alliances wants to find out what kind of Apps students would like to see developed for the academic environment. You can influence this process actively. Design and use cases are open for discussion.

The platform is also supposed to offer various forms of matchmaking in a later state, like helping you to find jobs, support for research projects, assignments or theses.


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