Increase your return on information by focusing on Data Governance

Does your business see data as a strategic asset or a necessary evil?
Discover how your business can get a better return on its information in our webinar series: “The New ROI: Return on Information”. You’ll learn what’s needed to gain support for, plan, and implement a comprehensive Data Governance program around Data Quality, Master Data Management, Unstructured Content, and System Decommissioning and Retention Management.

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On our Return on Information Webinar Series. Watch the agenda.

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6/11: Managing Information Lifecycles

Discover how to meet regulatory and statutory requirements by managing the information lifecycle.

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25/09: Managing Data Quality

Learn why Data Governance is critical for any organization, how to assess the quality of your data, learn how to improve it, and proactively monitor improvement in key data areas.

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9/10: Managing Master Data

The truth is critical when governing the data in your operational systems. Learn how to improve efficiency and reduce costs across six key data domains.

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23/10: Managing Content

70% of data in your organization resides outside of databases. Learn by governing unstructured content, you can reduce costs while boosting productivity and user adoption.

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