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SAP Consulting Services, maximising your investment in SAP

SAP Consulting Services provides an unparalleled choice of engagement options, each supported by our proven best practice tools and methodologies; SAP Consulting Services offers first-hand knowledge of SAP technology and direct access to industry and product development teams.

This series of SAP Consulting Services Webinar sessions will address questions such as how can you increase your return on investment (ROI)?, reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)?, deliver new innovation without increasing your IT budget? and demonstrate the fastest and most cost effective way to implement SAP software.

Regardless of your size, budget and industry, we have an extensive range of products and services designed to help you plan, build and run your SAP landscape more effectively and efficiently.

Using our Webinar platform you can discover how to get the most from your SAP investment with minimal intrusion on your busy schedule. Our next SAP Consulting Webinar Series will take place in early 2013, please check back for an update. In the meantime, discover our 2012 SAP Consulting Webinar Series ....

Previous Recordings

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  • Flexitime

    Take the headache out of managing Flexitime employee with SAP Flexitime. A fixed price, fixed scope solution.

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  • Trade Promotions Optimisation

    Your business can optimise trade spend, increase sales performance, and speed return on investment. You can focus on promotions most likely to achieve objectives - for both you and your retailers.

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  • Insurance Accounting

    Insurance Accounting is a centralised infrastructure for the insurance industry. It enables insurance specific processing of accounting related transactions. ARE is a combined tool to create a faster and more efficient method for accounting transactions in the insurance market.

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  • Application Interface Framework

    Application Interface Framework reduces annual costs to support existing interfaces (not just SAP), eliminates interface failures and costly downtime, and simplifies user-unfriendly interfaces. Use one tool to interface ALL business critical applications. SAP supplies software not code and therefore it's 100% supported by SAP

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  • Asset Retirement Obligation

    With SAP ARO management you can monitor asset retirement obligations, do the evaluation, the accounting and the reporting in accordance with different accounting principles whilst maximising your SAP investment.

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  • External Learning Solution

    External Learning Solution (XLSO) helps to strengthen relationships with your customers and business partners. It helps meet training needs in various scenarios so organisations can beat the competition and increase market share.

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  • LRS

    Document creation, storage, usage and disposal will be costing your business more than you think. Get the facts with LRS, the SAP output management solution experts.

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  • Proceed - Data archiving solutions

    Only 30% of SAP customers worldwide keep their database growth under control by having a structured archiving plan. Discover how you can keep your SAP systems in peak performance with Proceed the SAP Data archiving experts.

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  • Experior

    Speed up project timelines, save time and money, achieve faster return on investment and improve overall performance of your SAP system with Experior the SAP testing experts.

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  • Business Transformation Services

    Are you getting the most from your SAP investment or could you benefit from SAP's value management and performance management strategies?

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  • Rapid Deployment Solution 

    The fastest and most cost effective way to implement SAP software

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  • Custom Code

    Do you really know how much custom code is costing your business?

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  • Upgrades

    There's never been a better time to upgrade your SAP estate, with over 300 new and enhanced features and functions delivering major improvements in financials, HR, procurement and logistics, product development and manufacturing, sales and service isn't it time you planned your upgrade?

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