Retail without Boundaries - Relevant, Available and Personalised

With many purchases beginning on smartphones, tablets or PCs, retail innovation comes from the integration of relevant, timely & personalised offers while maintaining optimum stock levels across warehouses & stores. Become a real-time retailer and achieve customer-centric merchandising, focus on collaborative sourcing & manufacturing, & deliver unified customer experiences.

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Tighter Supply Chains

To maintain high levels of customer service and to avoid 'understocks' and lost sales, retailers have typically maintained large stock holdings, tying up capital which could be used more profitably elsewhere in the business.

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The Social Shopper

Mingle with the 'social shopper' for more dynamic, collaborative and real-time consumer relationships.

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Euro Disney

Building a sound HR foundation and talent pool with visualisation solutions from SAP.

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Real-Time Retailing

The 'Holy Grail' for retailers has long been to predict and provide exactly what each customer wants, at the right price, when they want it, where they want it, while carrying little or no inventory.

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