• Proactive Collections Management with SAP Software

    Find out how you can proactively identify, prioritise, and target your company's most critical delinquent accounts using SAP Collections Management.

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  • Empowering Finance Executives to Optimise Enterprise Performance

    Get to know the enterprise performance management applications for finance – part of the SAP BusinessObjects EPM solutions – that cover the full lifecycle of financial management and put you in control of performance.

  • Boosting Profitability Through Full Cost Visibility

    Learn all about how SAP BusinessObjects Net Margin Analysis helps reduce direct and indirect costs to maximise overall net margin across all combinations of product, customer, sales organisation, and channel.

  • The Three Pitfalls of Business Expansion—And How You Can Avoid Them

    This report explains the three pitfalls of business expansion and identifies approaches you can take to avoid them.

  • SAP HANA – An In-Memory Data Platform for Real-Time Business

    Find out how business users can get answers to questions they could never ask – or think to ask – before.