100 interesting 'Did You Know?' facts for SMEs

Read one fact a day for the next 100 business days, focusing on the challenges being faced by SMEs looking to grow and/or compete more effectively in the current difficult economy.

We will be including key facts and findings from a new insight report conducted amongt SMEs* by Loudhouse during June 2013.

*254 senior business decision makers from organisations with between 50 and 1000 employees, where turnover is between £10 million and £1 billion were surveyed.

You can't go wrong with SAP

Did You Know Dairyglen management sing SAP’s praises and benefit from improved invoicing, saving €5,000/year in postage alone with SAP Business One?

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Customer insight helps win market share

Did You Know Customers supply critical feedback about improvements to products, services and operations. SMEs that have sophisticated strategies to mine these insights will win market share and loyalty.?

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SME Mobile technology on the increase

Did You Know 66% of smaller companies use mobile technology more than they did 12 months ago, rising to 70% amongst medium sized businesses?

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Stay connected

Exchange with experts in communities and social networks.

Did You Know facts.

The risks of BYOD for SMEs

Did You Know employees using their own personal mobile devices are one of the biggest and fastest-growing areas of IT security risk?

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Gartner points to growth using BI

Did You Know Gartner says BI can help SMEs identify profitable customers, accelerate product innovation, & discover drivers of financial performance. ?

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Cyber trends for 2014

Did You Know the annual Predictions report from McAfee Labs identifies mobile malware, virtual currencies and security-aware attacks as the top IT threats for 2014 ?

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Treadsetters grow with SAP

Did You Know Treadsetters gain control of business, greater transparency, strengthened partnerships, cost savings, and growth with SAP Business One

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How to understand and tame Big Data

Did You Know SMEs make Big Data accessible and actionable to make intelligent business decisions. Read more from the SAP Accelerating Innovations eBook for SMEs?

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SMEs need to use technology to drive innovation

Did You Know Key investments to generate growth are not fulfilling their potential for SMEs that don't utilise technology to drive innovation. Get your free Innovation Champions insight report here?

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New Year wishes from SAP

Happy 2014! What does this year have in store for the UK’s SMEs? Follow the Did You Know tweets from @SAPUKIreland to learn more. #SMESAP

3 ways businesses struggle with mobile.

Did You Know 71% of senior IT leaders see mobile as transformational or strategic, but only 18% have a comprehensive strategy?

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SMEs transform communications with social media

Did You Know social media has transformed comms between companies and consumers? Turn insight into action, spot opportunities and delight your customers with SAP Social Media Analytics

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Innovation in IT: 3 key goals for cloud adoption

Did You Know guiding your business into the cloud is key or you risk being irrelevant? Explore the changing role of the IT manager and 3 key goals of cloud adoption

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Innovation equals growth for SMEs.

Did You Know SMEs need to adopt innovative mindset to achieve sustainable growth. Successful business strategies, improved IT infrastructure and new product development helps

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Here’s to more SME growth in 2014.

We hope 2013 has been a successful year for you. Season’s greetings and best wishes for a prosperous 2014. Recap on this year's Did You Know facts and look out for more Did You Knows from 6 Jan

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SMEs get active not reactive

Did You Know SMEs can prepare for changes rather than react to them? Get data & systems in place to warn you what’s up ahead.

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Better business decisions, faster.

Did You Know you can serve your customers better, manage data, and make better business decisions faster with SAP Business One. Customise your own interactive e-Book to your business requirement

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SMEs. Are you ready for 2014?

Did You Know SMEs must prioritise innovation if 2014 is to be a true success according to research amongst SME senior decision makers.

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SMEs confident about growth

Did You Know 88% of SMEs are confident of at least 22% growth over the next year. 60% met growth targets for the last 12 months and 31% exceeded their targets.?

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SMEs transform communications with social media

Did You Know social media has transformed comms between companies and consumers. Turn insight into action, spot opportunities and delight your customers with SAP Social Media Analytics?

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Manufacturing management struggling to get business insight

Did You Know only 1 in 3 manufacturers claim to have an “excellent” level of visibility or insight into opportunities for growth. Read more about how manufacturers can plan for success?

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Government initiative will help SMEs to grow

Did You Know Growing Places, the Government initiative will help SMEs to grow and increase employment. Read how Thames Valley Berkshire LEP will use £15m to help local businesses?

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Speed is key to adapt to changing business

Did You Know speed is the key to adapting to an ever-changing business environment. Gain insights from structured and unstructured data – in real time, while business is happening?

Read 'Top 10 reasons customer
choose HANA'

Wing Yip gets incredible access to business data

Did You Know Wing Yip gets incredible access to sales performance by store, product & account customer?. Read how from their FD, Chris Torbé.

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Cloud computing disrupts traditional IT models

Did You Know 77% #SMEs say #cloud 'fairly important' or 'critical' to achieving business objectives in next year, and feel it is already disrupting traditional IT and business models?

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Mobile increases productivity

Did You Know 64% of SMEs think that mobile technology has greatly improved their organisation's productivity?

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Improved workflow and ROI in 7 months

Did You Know Lotte Chemical improved workflow with great business management solution earning ROI in 7 months. Stephen Trillo, IT Manger at Lotte explains how.

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Support self-service via social media

Did You Know nearly 30% of SMEs want to reduce the cost of support by enabling more self-service options via social media?

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University uses SAP to predict revenue

Did You Know the University of Greenwich uses SAP Business Objects to help predict revenue, produce highly visual management reporting, and gain clear insight in to the student population for each department?

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Has your IT team's skills grown with your business?

Did You Know Gartner says a big challenge for SMEs is delivering IT services with a small staff & limited IT skills that do not grow in proportion to the business?

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71% increase of spend on cloud computing

Did You Know in the cloud companies can pay for services as needed - whether several months or a few hours. SMEs can suddently serve 20m customers all round the world?

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How can you improve productivity?

Did You Know 65% of SMEs surveyed believe productivity could be improved through greater integration across all lines of business.

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In-depth analytics at your fingertips

Did You know Short cycle times, in-depth analytics, up-to-the minute data; we never had these things before. Now we do and the key is understanding what that means to your business.?

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Is innovation leaking out of SMEs?

Did You Know innovation will 'leak out' of SMEs if key lines of business fail to correctly utilise technology investments made by the business.

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SMEs growth vs efficiency

Did You Know there are worse problems to have than rapid growth? How can SMEs tell when growth is outpacing the efficiency of operations.

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Mobility and customer engagement

Did You Know Forrester says mobile is the new face of customer engagement?

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Social media improves customer service

Did You Know research from Oxford Economics reveals that SMEs that engage in social media provide better customer service?

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SMEs need to be flexible & scalable

Did You Know flexibility and scalability in technology is important for any business? Keith Bilham, FD of Plascoat, explains why.

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What does innovation mean to your business?

Did You know access to finance used to be top of the list for achieving growth; innovation is now seen as the most important factor among UK?

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Tesco and Argos play with the big boys

Did You Know Tesco and Argos recently launched tablets containing their own apps – a source of great data and insight into their customers - showing great innovation and taking on Apple. SMEs can learn from these bold business moves

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Turnover and margin analysis cut by 50%

Did You Know Apollo Scientific run turnover and margin analysis by salesperson AND customer in half the time they used?

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How to be a 21st Century sales hero

Did You know SMEs can develop 21 Century selling powers? Read SAP’s eBook to find out how to transform the way you work, sell more effectively, and close more deals

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SAP Business One reduces ATI's audit to 3 hours

Did You Know ATI's annual audit used to take 4 days. Following the implementation of SAP Business One, it now takes just 3 hours. Watch their story to learn more.

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Interesting stats in A-Z of innovation for SMEs

Get the insight and read the research behind it. From A rate of growth of 22% anticipated by SMEs, to Zero interest in innovation means minimized growth

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How can Big Data help SMEs meet their business goals?

Did you know Big Data is important and can help SMEs meet their business goals? What technology is available to help? Read the IDC research

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Gartner names SAP in Leaders' quadrant

Did You Know SAP has been named in the Leaders' quadrant of the 'Magic Quadrant for Single-Instance ERP for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies' for 3rd year running. SAP Business All-in-One evaluated highest in 'ability to execute' and furthest in 'completeness of vision'.

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57% of SMEs use technology to transform

Did You Know Recent research from Oxford Economics reveals that 57% of SMEs say technology is at the heart of their transformation efforts

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Cloud drives innovation with SMEs

Research suggests that the growth of technology like #cloud and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is driving innovation amongst SMEs. Do you agree with this?

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You Need to Align departments or lose innovative edge

Did You Know Business departments need to align or risk stalling innovation according to #ThinkBigger research?

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SME staff demand leading technology

Did You Know SME workforces expect to work with top technology platforms; companies not providing them will fall behind in staff satisfaction and productivity levels.

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Jellycat has 98% reduction in manual invoicing with SAP

Did you know Jellycat fulfils more orders, more accurately, in less time with SAP Business One, and a 98% reduction in manual invoicing?

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SMEs who shun cloud computing risk slow growth

Did you know that SMEs who are slow to leverage cloud computing risk operating at less than full potential? Recent research from Oxford Economics explores this and other great insights

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SMEs and Analytics: 4 steps for beginners

Why should SMEs bother with analytics? What does analytics even mean, where do you start, and who can help? Read this blog post for some great insight for SMEs beginning the analytics journey.

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Mobile technologies transform SME’s business

Did you know that 60% of SMEs believe mobile technologies to be transformational for their business? Read the research from Oxford Economics

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UK manufacturers are using 'disruptive technology to drive growth'

UK manufacturers are optimistic, thinking big and growing fast. 80% list 'disruptive technology' as the top growth driver in manufacturing.

Read the latest news and views on the UK manufacturing industry

Genius Foods gets integrated view of its business With SAP BusinessByDesign

Did You Know Genius Foods can now understand the sales of its products across all of its lines, which has improved customer care, and relationships with partners and suppliers? Read more here

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Seven ways iOS7 will impact business

How will Apple's newest operating system impact your business? Read the top 7 ways here including upgraded security and easier multi-tasking

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Did You Know 2013 is the year of opportunity for SMEs?

Opportunity has been a word in short supply for many small to medium businesses in recent years. But 2013, seen by some as a 'turning point' for the UK economy, has provided such businesses with just this; opportunity.

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Did You Know ICP Global are reaping the benefits of SAP Business One

Find out how ICP Global got better data insight, reduced overheads, improved CRM, task automation and much more, in a single centralised system with SAP Business One.

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SMEs miss out on improving comms with social media tools

Did You Know SMEs are missing out on the opportunity to improve internal collaboration and communication with social media tools? Oxford Economics explores why.

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Daunting challenges facing SMEs

Did You Know successful SMEs find that expansion is one of the most daunting challenges they face?

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SMEs are gaining competitive advantage

Did You Know to compete with larger rivals, SMEs must do things differently than in the past? More than 1/3 of SMEs are early adopters of technology - to gain competitive advantage.

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Mobile devices change behaviour benefitting SMEs

Did you know that employees who use mobile devices for both work and personal issues put in 240 more hours per year than those who don't?

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Interactive tools boost traditional BI solutions

Did You Know companies who complement traditional BI solutions with interactive tools are almost 50% more likely to meet the needs of managers?

Crack the BI code with this visual insight

SMEs benefit from cloud as much as big business

Did You Know the cloud is as accessible and useful to SMEs as it is for big business?

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MSPs help keep costs of new technology down

Did You know for SMEs looking to keep costs down, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are a good option for deploying new technologies?

Read the blog 'Partnering SMEs'

SME employees are not embracing social media

Did You Know 43% of SMEs have trouble encouraging employees to embrace social media? Research from Oxford Economics reveals that this is slowing adoption of important technologies, business transformation and growth for SMEs

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Bring Your Own Device impacts business for SMEs

Did You Know that employees embracing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) hugely impacts business for SMEs?

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Innovation is key for profitable SMEs

Did You know firms which are more profitable place more emphasis on innovation - investing in BMS, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies?

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Did You Know? Big Data is everywhere

The trick is analysing it in real time. What can it do for you?

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Did You Know? SMEs are competing and winning against multinationals.

SMEs are not just behaving like multinationals, they're competing – and winning – against them.

Read the Global Mindset research

Did You Know? You can Bring Your own Cloud (BYOC)

Cloud computing is arguably one of the most game-changing technologies of the last decade, and shows no sign of slowing pace. What does this mean for SMEs?

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SMEs are rethinking strategy for a changing marketplace

83% have either completed, are in the process of, or are about to begin a significant business transformation.

Read the Oxford Economics Transformation and Technology Report

The UK is open for business thanks to SMEs.

Great news for entrepreneurs and fast growth businesses based in the UK.

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SMEs are using Cloud to reduce capital requirements and costs

High-growth SMEs have better access to technology than ever before - using cloud to reduce capital requirements and costs.

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Scaling SMEs