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Let SAP show you how we can enable your most complex business models and go to market quickly with new, innovative services. Want to start driving revenue with new, value-added services but are limited by your current infrastructure? SAP invites you to submit your best ideas for inclusion in the Telco 2.0 Challenge.

Watch the video to see how Orange took the Telco 2.0 Challenge Read Stratecast’s analysis of Orange’s innovative business model
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What is Telco 2.0?

The Telco 2.0 model highlights the position of power that Telcos are in as they transition into delivering new services for the digital economy.

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About the Telco 2.0 Challenge

The challenge gives Telcos a no-risk opportunity to have SAP prove its claims that we can quickly enable the most complex of business models and start positively impacting revenue.

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Why is SAP hosting the Telco 2.0 Challenge?

SAP's unique position in working with upstream and downstream partners combined with a strong solution set comprised of billing, mobility, analytics, in-memory computing and more allows us to help Telcos make the transition to Telco 2.0

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