The Moment

The companies that are able to make informed decisions in the blink of an eye will be the ones that turn defining moments into success.

SAP innovations arm you with the capabilities you need: speed, mobility, insights. And, the ability to act on them.

Put your business in the moment with SAP

  • What does it mean to be 460 billion rows ahead?

    Own the moment and turn your business into a real-time business with SAP.

    Oxford Economics finds that executives expect to see revenue increases of 28% from the implementation of real-time business practices. To find out more read the Oxford Economics study.

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  • Where is the single best place to do business?

    Embrace the moment with SAP mobility solutions and free your customers and employees to seize their moment anytime, anywhere.

    It's a time of epic change - and opportunity. As the digital economy expands Oxford Economics foresees six significant shifts including mobility that firms will need to address over the next five years and they predict that "inaction can be catastrophic to the future of your business."

    Read the "Digital Megatrends" paper to find out more.

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  • What happens when you know everything you know?

    Create the moment with mobile SAP analytics. Ask questions - no matter how complex - in the moment and get answers on the spot, revealing insights once impossible to attain.

    Check out the Aberdeen ebook and learn how high-performance organizations empower employees with real-time mobile analytics.

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