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Quality Management at SAP


SAP's ability to develop and deliver secure products and services depends on the quality of our internal information technology (IT) infrastructure. Successfully meeting customer requirements and expectations demands cutting-edge technology that's fast, economical, and reliable.

Security and quality management at SAP encompasses SAP IT, the global organization responsible for the stability and quality of our internal IT systems and services.

SAP IT has implemented an integrated information security management system based on ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2005-certified business processes and a clear goal of continuous improvement. So we can ensure our ability to provide consistent high-quality and high-security service that meets the requirements of your business.

To maintain consistency and leverage best practices, the scope of our quality management system is global. Integrated information security management system processes apply to all SAP IT organizations – regional differences occur only when required by contract or by law.

SAP IT's guiding principles include:

  • Facilitating well-designed processes for solution delivery, security management, and quality management
  • Managing internal controls that take into account identification and traceability
  • Continually improving the processes and methodologies used
  • Ensuring that the solutions delivered meet client and other stakeholders' requirements including the applicable security, statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Proactively monitoring solution delivery quality, process, and workforce capability through quantitative reporting methods
  • Managing risks at all levels to ensure continuity of service

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