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  • Rapid data migration to SAP CRM >

    Quickly, seamlessly, and affordably migrate your source data into SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM). This best practices approach can help you ensure a safe migration with industry-leading software, a CRM-specific scope, and predefined services at a predictable price.

  • Rapid data migration to SAP CRM and Billing for Utilities >

    Watch how rapid data migration to SAP Customer Relationship Management and Billing for Utilities enables a safe and trusted data migration based on industry-leading software, a fixed-scope, and predefined services.

  • Rapid data migration to SAP Loans Management for Banking >

    Want to know how the Rapid data migration to SAP Loans Management for Banking solution enables a safe and trusted migration to the SAP Loans Management application? It is based on industry-leading software, fixed scope, and predefined services at a predictable price.

  • Rapid database migration to SAP Sybase ASE >

    Get the database migration tools you need to quickly and affordably migrate a test system from any SAP-supported database to SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) – for lower operating costs, minimized database administration, and improved application performance.

  • SAP Advanced Production Scheduling rapid-deployment solution >

    Create and execute flexible production plans, improve resource utilization and order sequences – and quickly and cost-effectively meet customer demand. This rapid deployment solution combines your existing SAP ERP investment with advanced production scheduling software to help you drive revenue, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction.

  • SAP Bills of Material rapid-deployment solution >

    Align your engineering and manufacturing structures by using an integrated solution that can help you quickly automate and accurately document your production structures for synchronizing and managing eBOMs and mBOMs.

  • SAP Business All-in-One rapid-deployment solution >

    Achieve centralized control of finance and operations in weeks with the SAP Business All-in-One rapid-deployment solution. Quickly implement proven core business processes for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and service companies – with bundled software and services priced for SMEs.

  • SAP Business Communications Management rapid-deployment solution >

    Improve the quality of your customer interactions with our business communications management solution. In just weeks, you can optimize your inbound contact center and reporting functionality, increase the visibility and control of customer-facing operations, and reduce expenses.

  • SAP Collaborative Replenishment Between Manufacturers >

    Streamline and simplify your inventory replenishment. Our rapid-deployment solution for collaborative replenishment between manufacturers can help you implement a vendor managed inventory (VMI) process for key transactions – such as forecast collaboration, replenishment planning, and more.

  • SAP CRM Analytics rapid-deployment solution >

    Optimize sales activities and marketing campaigns. By running analytics, you can better identify opportunities, accelerate pipelines, convert leads, and improve reporting. You can also gain insight into managing quotations and order processes.

  • SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution powered by SAP HANA: Web Page >

    Supercharge your sales, service, and marketing activities with real-time customer information and lightning-fast reporting. Use quick-to-deploy customer relationship management (CRM) software powered by the SAP HANA in-memory computing platform.

  • SAP Demand Planning rapid-deployment solution >

    Learn how our quick-to-deploy SCM demand planning software enables you to leverage sophisticated forecasting technology and analytics so you can better anticipate demand, improve agility, and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • SAP Deposits Management rapid-deployment solution >

    Boost efficiency and contain costs – even when your account volumes increase. This deposit management solution supports your current, savings, and fixed-term account lifecycle processes – to help you quickly achieve efficient operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

  • SAP Discrete Manufacturing Execution rapid-deployment solution >

    Discover how to streamline core shop floor processes while reducing costs – in just a few weeks. By implementing our affordable software and service package for discrete manufacturing, you can speed up time-to-market, better meet customer requirements, and minimize waste of materials.

  • SAP Domestic Freight Tendering rapid-deployment solution >

    Accelerate outsourced transportation operations by using sophisticated communication channels to compare the services offered by multiple carriers. As the result, you can select the carrier that best meets your shipping requirements.

  • SAP Employee and Manager Self-Service rapid-deployment solution >

    Empower your employees by automating your HR processes – and see a quick return on investment. Our rapid-deployment solution can help you improve productivity and reduce administrative costs, cycle time, and error rates.

  • SAP Environmental Incident Management rapid-deployment solution >

    Leverage powerful environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) incident recording, processing, investigation, and analytics – with our rapid-deployment solution for incident management. This software and service package can help you effectively manage and lower your EH&S risks and exposures.

  • SAP ERP Finance and Controlling rapid-deployment solution >

    Increase the accuracy of your financial reporting and improve cash management – in just a few weeks. By implementing our affordable ERP software for finance and controlling, you can streamline processes and reduce the cost of risk and compliance.

  • SAP ERP for Manufacturing rapid-deployment solution >

    Optimize your most important manufacturing operations. With this integrated solution, you can streamline your core end-to-end business processes: order-to-cash, forecast-to-stock, time-to-market, and procure-to-pay. You can also improve your financial management performance.

  • SAP ERP for Trading rapid-deployment solution >

    Streamline key end-to-end business processes (i.e., order-to-cash, procure-to-pay) by running a single solution for managing inventory, trading, and accounting activities.


Results: 39