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More Rapid Innovation for SAP® StreamWork™ Application: Google Docs Integration,

SAP NEWSBYTE - SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) Responding to customer desire for new enhancements to the SAP® StreamWork™ application, SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) is introducing Google Docs integration and native tools to make the popular collaborative decision-making software even easier, faster and more intuitive to use.

Building on the Google Apps Marketplace integration with Google that SAP announced in December, SAP StreamWork users will now be able to share Google Docs – including documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files – directly in SAP StreamWork. These documents will stay up to date in SAP StreamWork as changes are made to Google Docs.

SAP StreamWork developers have been gathering feedback from users and have responded with solutions to the most commonly requested productivity enhancements, including:

  • Ability to easily find experts and connect with people in their company: A new “People” button at the top of SAP StreamWork helps people search for and connect with others in their network who may be able to contribute ideas, information or other value to a project or decision-making process.
  • Document versioning for all types of files: Teams can now eliminate the confusion that comes with managing multiple documents to help ensure everyone’s input is captured and tracked.
  • Worklists: Users can organize their activities into groups, including the ability to add a single activity to multiple worklists.
  • Live filter: A quick search function that helps users find activities by keyword.

"We are working quickly to both integrate and build from scratch solutions that strengthen collaboration and decision-making in all types of organizations," said Holly Simmons, senior director, OnDemand Marketing, SAP. "In doing so, we are giving SAP StreamWork users an ever-widening business context in which to make informed decisions."

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