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SAP Education

SAP Productivity Pak and SAP Productivity Composer

SAP offers the SAP Productivity Pak and SAP Productivity Composer applications to help you maximize your employee proficiency and derive greater value from your enterprise systems. These software tools allow you to easily create documentation, context-sensitive online help, and transaction simulations – all in multiple languages.

The SAP Productivity Pak application allows your company to provide 'fingertip knowledge' to your end users. SAP Productivity Pak automatically creates professionally formatted text and interactive simulations that reflect your exact environment. And SAP Productivity Pak's enterprise architecture and collaboration and communication features allow your organization to create a fully interactive learning environment. This environment can be shared among end users, content authors, and training administrators.

With SAP Productivity Pak, you can benefit from:

  • Lower total cost of ownership – With faster knowledge transfer, you'll save time and money.
  • Faster access to context-sensitive help – With instant access to context-sensitive help and simulations for all your SAP transactions and user screens, your users can resolve problems faster and work more efficiently.
  • More efficient help desk operations – SAP Productivity Pak can help you dramatically reduce level one help desk calls, so you can lower costs and empower your support staff to focus on more strategic issues.
  • Reduced need for classroom training – Customized support materials and an interactive learning environment reduce your need for classroom training, cutting travel time and expense. Content authors, administrators, and users have direct access to training materials and content owners, opening up dialogue for questions and feedback.
  • Customized support materials – Content authors can easily customize support materials for users in any work environment while integrating and sharing their feedback with stakeholders.

With SAP Productivity Pak and SAP Productivity Composer, your teams can ramp up more quickly on new features and functions in your SAP solution, reference past trainings, and update existing documentation.


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See how SAP Productivity Pak lets you document processes, provide users with context-sensitive help, and more.

PlayWatch the demo.

Customer Success: Multnomah County

Learn why Multnomah County, located in Portland, Oregon, chose the SAP Productivity Pak application and see how the county expects to benefit from the application's ease of use and strong support system. Read the Multnomah County success story (PDF).

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