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Allround SAP Project Managers make the difference between good and great

Curriculum of SAP Education and Capgemini Academy

In order to properly manage SAP projects, both knowledge of SAP and Project Management Skills are essential. People with SAP content knowledge do not always have sufficient experience in managing a project. And a good Project Manager might not know the slightest thing about SAP. Therefore, SAP and Capgemini launched a special curriculum that will appeal to both Project Managers and SAP Experts. By taking part in these courses offered by the Capgemini Academy and SAP Education, both groups will be able to develop themselves to allround SAP Project Managers with the right skills and excellent content knowledge.

In recent years the implementation of SAP demanded more and specialized knowledge. On the one hand, has SAP evolved from standard ERP software to a comprehensive, service-oriented platform that integrates with a vast array of other systems and thirdparty tools. On the other hand is the business case behind an SAP implementation more than ever driven by the needs of the business and aimed at effective and efficient deployment of IT as a strategic tool. The expectations of turnaround times (faster) and cost (lower) are high. SAP Project Managers are therefore expected to know SAP as their back pocket and bring each project to a successful conclusion. On time, on budget and on value.

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