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Agile SAP Project Implementation

The success of your SAP solution is to a large degree determined by the speed and the effectiveness of the software to add value to your organization. Therefore SAP The Netherlands is introducing Agile for SAP implementations: a new, practical implementation methodology that allows you to implement operating functionality in short iterative cycles. Starting with the most important one. Enabling you to generate faster results, gain immediate insight into the value, increase the flexibility of the implementation and improve progress monitoring.

Now Xebia, the market leader in Agile coaching & training and SAP have joined forces to offer a unique training combining the Agile principles, Scrum and the specifics of the SAP project environment to get the same benefits in a SAP project implementation.

After attending this two-day SAP Agile Training you will get knowledge and insights on Agile, Scrum, with the practical knowledge to start using it in your SAP environment as soon as the day after! The specific questions we have come across in SAP environments when doing Agile/Scrum will be dealt with and answered.

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- Project Managers
- Consultants
- Project Team Members Customer


- Experience with SAP project implementations
- Reading of Scrum in 5 minutes Paper (link)
- Agile whitepaper (SAP)


During the SAP Agile training, all aspects of Scrum will be covered both in theory and practice. You will learn about the Scrum values and principles and the way in which these contribute to the success of your project. By means of group exercises throughout the course ou will gain practical knowledge and you will experience what it is like to work in a Scrum team. On top you will learn what specifically is needed to adapt SCRUM to your SAP project implementation.

- Prerequisites for using Agile for a SAP project implementation
- Get an understanding of the basic principles of Agile/ Scrum
- To understand how to successfully use Agile/Scrum for a SAP project implementation
- To become a qualified team member to ensure a successful SAP Agile/ project implementation


- What is Agile?
- What is Scrum?
- How to successfully use Agile/Scrum for a SAP project implementation?
- How is Agile integrated into ASAP 7 and where can I find the accelerators?
- What are the critical success factors for your Agile SAP project implementation?
- How to make a quick start?
- How to scale an Agile project from one to multiple teams?
- How do I plan sprints/releases for a SAP Agile implementation?
- How to prioritize and break up requirements so that specialists can do their thing?
- The essentials of agile estimation and how you can use it for your SAP Agile project.
- The role of testing and transport management in an Agile project.
- The essentials of successful Agile Project Management.


This course is intended to be an advanced training of the Agile Implementation Methodology, focusing on the Project Management and project team lead point of view.

Dates and registration

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