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SAP Consulting is committed to ensuring that you reap the maximum benefits of your investment in SAP software throughout its working life. Depending on the complexity, extent and age of your SAP landscape, you may be in the plan, build or run phases of the software lifecycle simultaneously, and we offer a wide choice of products and services to help you run your SAP landscape more efficiently and effectively during every phase.

Following a successful go-live, you need to ensure that your SAP system continues to operate at optimum efficiency and enable you to respond to market changes, new business requirements, and technology developments.

The SAP Consulting range of run services helps you to identify and address areas that require improving or fine-tuning, such as system consolidation, performance optimisation, functional and technical upgrades, and total cost of ownership.

SAP Consulting Run services will help you to:

  • Assess the business value generated by the SAP solution, making sure it delivers the expected cost benefits and business improvements
  • Streamline business processes and boost return on investment
  • Adapt IT infrastructure to enterprise reorganisation
  • Tackle complex issues involved in significant modifications to the IT environment
  • Ensure your system is running in an optimised fashion.


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A selection of the key SAP Consulting Services and Predefined Services in a handy turning page electronic book format.

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