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SAP Consulting is committed to ensuring that you reap the maximum benefits of your investment in SAP software throughout its working life. Depending on the complexity, extent and age of your SAP landscape, you may be in the plan, build or run phases of the software lifecycle simultaneously, and we offer a wide choice of products and services to help you run your SAP landscape more efficiently and effectively during every phase.

Whether you are implementing SAP for the first time or planning to upgrade or enhance your system, you need to identify the optimal solution strategy based on your overall business goals, strategy and opportunities.

SAP Consulting offers a range of planning services providing a variety of support and guidance during the early stages of the business solution lifecycle. The services will help you to fully leverage technology investments to optimise business processes.

SAP Consulting Planning services will help you to:

  • Review and redefine the overall direction of the organisation
  • Review options and determine budget requirements
  • Evaluate the business benefits of implementing or enhancing SAP solutions
  • Develop a system architecture plan including landscape strategy
  • Critically assess current capabilities and define how to achieve business goals
  • Plan and guide the entire life cycle of the IT solution
  • Harmonise innovative business processes and technology support
  • Design an enterprise-wide IT strategy and road map for business process optimisation
  • Improve existing processes and create new ones
  • Identify, assess, and minimise IT-related risk
  • Identify areas for improvement, draw up alternative approaches, and align business strategy with IT strategy.


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