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SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager is a centralized, robust solution management toolset that facilitates technical support for distributed systems -- with functionality that covers all key aspects of solution deployment, operation, and continuous improvement. It combines tools, content, and direct access to SAP to increase the reliability of solutions and lower total cost of ownership.

With SAP Solution Manager, you can be sure your entire SAP solution environment is performing at its maximum potential. The toolset addresses your entire IT environment, supporting SAP and non-SAP software and covering current and forthcoming SAP solutions. As part of SAP NetWeaver, SAP Solution Manager is included in the annual maintenance fee for SAP solutions.

SAP Solution Manager targets both technical and business aspects of your solutions, focusing strongly on core business processes. It supports the connection between business processes and the underlying IT infrastructure. As a result, it eases communication between your IT department and your lines of business. And it ensures that you derive the maximum benefits from your IT investments.

SAP Solution Manager features and functions include:

  • mySAP Business Suite implementation -- SAP Solution Manager provides content that accelerates implementation. Configuration information and a process-driven approach to implementation speed the blueprint, configuration, and final preparation phases. SAP Solution Manager enables efficient project administration and centralized control of cross-component implementations.
  • Global rollout -- The toolset eases process standardization and harmonization across organizations and locations by providing proven methodologies and all necessary functionality. You can more easily implement standardized settings at local sites, because configuration settings needn't be re-entered into local components.
  • Synchronization of custom settings -- With SAP Solution Manager, you can maintain consistency as you customize your heterogeneous IT environment. It enables safer administration of customization, less error-prone replication of custom settings, and simpler consistency checks. SAP Solution Manager reduces manual synchronization efforts by automatically distributing custom settings to various systems simultaneously, and by centrally managing all requests to synchronize settings.
  • Testing -- SAP Solution Manager speeds test preparation and execution. It provides a single point of access to the complete system landscape and enables centralized storage of testing material and test results to support cross-component tests.
  • IT and application support -- The support desk included in SAP Solution Manager helps you manage incidents more efficiently and eases the settlement of support costs. Centralized handling of support messages makes the support organization more efficient.
  • Solution monitoring -- SAP Solution Manager performs centralized, real-time monitoring of systems, business processes, and interfaces, which reduces administration effort. It can even monitor intersystem dependencies. Proactive monitoring helps you avoid critical situations, while automatic notifications enable fast response to issues.
  • Service-level management and reporting -- SAP Solution Manager allows easy definition of service levels and provides automated reporting. Service reporting covers all systems in the solution landscape and provides a consolidated report containing the information you need to make strategic IT decisions.
  • Service processing -- SAP Solution Manager makes appropriate service recommendations and delivers SAP support services. These include SAP Safeguarding, which helps you manage technical risk; SAP Solution Management Optimization, which helps you get the most from your SAP solutions; and SAP Empowering, which helps you manage your solutions.
SAP Developer Network

SAP Developer Network provides a community for developers and integrators working with SAP NetWeaver and SAP xApps. For more detailed information on SAP NetWeaver components and tools, visit SAP Developer Network. Registration required.

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