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SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is an integrated environment for the development of J2EE-based, multi-tiered business applications. It is based on open-source Eclipse, providing an open and extensible development environment using Java and Web services. SAP has enhanced the standard Eclipse functionality with a comprehensive set of design, construction, and maintenance tools that cover the full software life cycle.

All tool sets are represented as Eclipse perspectives. A perspective controls the editors and views displayed, allowing developers to switch quickly between perspectives to work on different tasks. SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio supports the following perspectives:

  • J2EE perspective -- Supports the development and deployment of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technologies such as JavaServer Pages (JSPs), servlets, and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs)
  • Web services perspective -- Combines tools to define, discover, and test Web services
  • Web Dynpro perspective -- Provides a comprehensive environment for the model-driven design of user interfaces. Web Dynpro automatically generates program code out of user interface models.
  • Persistence perspective -- Supports the creation and definition of database objects, such as tables and indexes, through the use of the Java Dictionary, editors, and standards such SQLJ or Java Data Objects
  • Debugging perspective -- Supports testing of Java applications by checking metrics, conventions, authorizations, and language restrictions
  • Java Development Infrastructure perspective -- Provides tools for organizing, tracking, and synchronizing the work of large groups of developers. The developer infrastructure manages source code, incrementally builds new versions, and deploys applications on the right server at the right time.

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio also supports development kits that contain special tools dedicated to certain components of the SAP NetWeaver platform. For example, the Mobile Development Kit integrates all tools required to build and test mobile applications for PDA and laptops.

Web Dynpro

Web Dynpro is a component of SAP NetWeaver used to construct an application's user interface. Web Dynpro is language-agnostic and supports Java in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, as well as ABAP in the ABAP Workbench.

At run time, Web Dynpro offers a powerful set of rendering features to generate applications that are client-independent, enabling them to run within different environments, such as the Web, rich clients, mobile devices, and others.

SAP Developer Network

SAP Developer Network provides a community for developers and integrators working with SAP NetWeaver and SAP xApps. For more detailed information on SAP NetWeaver components and tools, visit SAP Developer Network. Registration required.

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