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Adaptive Computing Controller

The Adaptive Computing Controller tool provides a central point of control for flexibly assigning computing resources to run any service on any server at any time. The tool provides the capability for enterprise services computing.

Encompassing the four building blocks of the IT landscape -- computing, storage, network, and control -- the Adaptive Computing Controller tool enables:

  • Hardware and operating system provisioning -- The Adaptive Computing Controller tool makes it possible to easily add and remove computing resources with minimal administrative effort. The tool supports a variety of operating systems and blade servers from leading vendors.
  • Data storage -- Using application services, the Adaptive Computing Controller tool manages and assigns instances involving SAP applications to a dedicated computing resource. The tool requires no local disk space to run SAP applications; rather, it stores application data on a centralized storage system within the network.
  • Network provisioning -- The Adaptive Computing Controller tool builds connections between computing and storage resources, provides a transport layer for virtualization, and supports different network topologies (for example, TCP/IP, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel).
  • Adaptive computing control -- With the Adaptive Computing Controller tool, you can operate, observe, and manage an adaptive business solution from a central point. The tool uses standard technologies, such as J2EE, XML, and CIM, and interfaces with SAP Solution Manager's controller command interface for communication with third-party software.

Flexible and scalable, the Adaptive Computing Controller is an effective tool for optimizing the use of your computing resources -- enabling you to:

  • Lower the cost of operations and reduce total cost of ownership
  • Harmonize and simplify the cost of managing your IT landscape
  • Respond to dynamically changing business needs without huge investments in computing resources
  • Maintain high service levels with lower budgets
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Technical Brief

Learn how you can manage resources from a central location to meet real-time business and operational requirements with the Adaptive Computing Controller tool. For more detailed information, read the technical brief (PDF, 184 KB).

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