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SAP Composite Application Framework

SAP Composite Application Framework provides a robust environment for the design and use of SAP xApps and composite applications that comply with Enterprise Services Architecture. SAP Composite Application Framework comprises design tools, methodologies, services and processes, an abstraction layer for objects, and user interface and process pattern libraries.

Key features of SAP Composite Application Framework include:

  • Model-driven architecture -- SAP Composite Application Framework supports model-driven application composition, so you can build applications with as little programming as possible. That means reduced development and deployment time for new applications and business-pattern-oriented integration.
  • Object access layer -- The object access layer decouples repositories of underlying systems from business objects and processes. Thus, SAP xApps can "snap on" to any existing system landscape. The object access layer is a central interface that controls communication with participating systems via Web services and SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure. SAP xApps needn't know whether a service is provided by another SAP NetWeaver component or an external service provider. Tools such as a business object modeler allow you to create back-end-independent object models for SAP xApps. The business data of a specific business object can be retrieved from several independent sources.
  • User interface layer -- The framework leverages the modeling tools, metadata, and run time environment of Web Dynpro -- providing user-interface building blocks that need only to be configured.
  • Collaborative business context -- A collaboration framework allows you to relate any service or object of SAP NetWeaver components with any business object. Collaboration objects such as task, document, and meeting are accessible within the object access layer. So all composite applications based on SAP Composite Application Framework can have built-in collaboration functionality.
  • User interface patterns and guided procedures -- These tools accelerate application design and collaborative process execution through reusability and automatic configuration. Guided procedures are like best practices patterns, with an easy-to-use, design-time user interface and run-time process visualization. The business objects and services of SAP Composite Application Framework are the foundation for the design of guided procedures. Predefined workflow patterns support the process definition of guided procedures. Users can make ad hoc modifications to the business process.
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SAP Developer Network

SAP Developer Network provides a community for developers and integrators working with SAP NetWeaver and SAP xApps. For more detailed information on SAP NetWeaver components and tools, visit SAP Developer Network. Registration required.

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