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Business process management (BPM) allows you to continuously adapt your business processes to new business strategies -- modeling processes with different users performing different roles and tasks, and optimizing communication between process owners and IT experts.

SAP and IDS Scheer offer a comprehensive BPM solution -- SAP NetWeaver and ARIS for SAP NetWeaver. This joint application provides essential elements of a closed-loop BPM solution, from design and configuration, to implementation and execution, to evaluation of the overall process.

ARIS for SAP NetWeaver provides centralized administration of process information in a multilingual tool. You can use this process information for project documentation, implementation, end-user projects, and more.

ARIS for SAP NetWeaver enables you to develop:

  • Process architecture models -- Document your company's business scenarios, processes, and steps. Ensure the quality of existing processes -- and re-align existing processes to meet the current demands of the market.
  • Process configuration models -- Describe the configuration of processes down to individual steps within a business scenario, based on SAP solution maps and including SAP business applications.
  • Process execution models -- Model process flows, which are used by SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure to execute process models.

ARIS for SAP NetWeaver maintains a consistent description of a company's process architecture, from business models, to process implementation by SAP Solution Manager, to the integration of executable processes -- in SAP NetWeaver Exchange Infrastructure, and applications -- with the business workflow functionality of SAP NetWeaver.

SAP Developer Network

SAP Developer Network provides a community for developers and integrators working with SAP NetWeaver and SAP xApps. For more detailed information on SAP NetWeaver components and tools, visit SAP Developer Network. Registration required.

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