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Composite Application Framework

Why CAF?


Build your own flexible enterprise SOA and meanwhile diminish the average development and implementation time. Learn more and have a look at the
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The layers of a composite application are loosely coupled and therefore the composite offers flexibility and fast redesign. The key benefit of CAF is that a Service or UI element can be easily replaced by a new one. Another major advantage is the availability of accelerators for the automatic generation of code. For example the Entity Service Modeler within CAF enables the automatic creation of the data model based on metadata. This also includes the database operations - Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD). As an example, without CAF this took about 2 days for a developer, while with CAF it could be done in less than half an hour.

Furthermore external services are integrated by simply mapping of input and output parameters. The code concerned (Java) is created automatically and the same applies to the integration with Adobe interactive forms. Together with the re-usability of existing applications and the above mentioned accelerators, development times can be drastically reduced. The percentages estimated by SAP are shown below.

Potential Reductions in Development Times - Composite Application Framework (CAF) explained
(figure 3) Potential Reductions in Development Times

Interested to see what benefits CAF can bring your business? Click here if you would like to receive more information.