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Composite Application Framework

CAF Demo Explained


Build your own flexible enterprise SOA and meanwhile diminish the average development and implementation time. Learn more and have a look at the
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Case Study - DSM Food Specialties
To gain hands on experience and knowledge with CAF a joint project between SAP, Atos Origin and Adobe was initiated using DSM Food Specialties as a trial and based on a real operational request from DSM. To explain how we used CAF to provide an innovative solution to this requirement, a demonstration was built which you can access below. This project has given Atos Origin a leading position with regard to CAF implementations and helped Atos Origin to win the prestigious 2006 'SAP Innovation Award' in the Netherlands.

See the CAF demo for the results (log-in required)

DSM Food Specialties is a leading producer of value-added ingredient solutions for the international food and beverage industries. Its products are delivered from their warehouses to companies that use these products again to produce consumer products - a make-to-stock situation.

Business Challenge
DSM Food Specialties uses SAP R/3 4.6 to support their sales order process. Here new customer sales orders cannot be put into SAP R/3 because the customer master record is not yet present. The implemented workaround is to temporary store the order data and process them after the availability of the master record in R/3.

CAF Solution
All sales orders, including the ones without a customer master record in R/3, are processed within the composite. An availability check is performed for the products in two different warehouses. One warehouse is managed with SAP, the other with a legacy system. For a new customer a workflow is instantly triggered within the business to create the customer master record.

The sales and finance managers are automatically alerted by email for their input and the master record is automatically created in the back end. When the customer master record has been created the sales order(s) is/ are also automatically created in the back end. Below is an overview of the implemented process.

Composites and the Composite Application Framework (CAF) explained
The same process in more detail is shown below.
Composites and the Composite Application Framework (CAF) explained

The use of CAF has allowed Atos Origin to modify the business process for DSM in a fast, flexible and efficient way, simplifying the process and saving both time and resources.

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