For the fifth time, SAP is pleased to announce ACE 2011.

ACE is our tribute to the many SAP customers who have used, learnt, innovated and leveraged the power of SAP solutions. ACE is our way of thanking you, our customer, for making SAP a global leader--perhaps the top brand in business software solutions today.

SAP ACE has real bottom-line business value for all industries and all sizes of businesses. Over 500 ACE projects examined so far, cover a rich diversity of companies, industries and sizes--with revenues ranging from less than Rs. 20 Crores to the largest companies in the Indian sub-continent -- Across diverse businesses like Telecom, Banking & Financial services, Automotive, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities, Services, Engineering & Construction. All of these companies have improved their business performance and strategic decision-making, helping their growth and profitability.

And this year ACE 2011 has become simpler than ever. The forms are simpler, more focused, the KPIs simple, yet meaningful. The online application & submission process helps nominees make changes easily, the built-in validator ensures that all required information is available prior to submission. And if you need to attach additional information, you could easily do so.

As before, an eminent jury panel composed of reputed industry icons and thought leaders will make the final award decisions. Independently and impartially.

ACE winners will be awarded at a glittering ceremony in November 2011--covered extensively by the media, ACE has now become the benchmark IT Award in India.

Be a part of it. Because your efforts deserve this recognition.

SAP ACE 2011-Simpler than Ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why are there two forms to fill? How does benchmarking add value?

    The evaluation is based on both quantitative benchmarking parameters (a minimum set of mandatory questions) and qualitative, strategic issues addressed. It is possible that the answers to each of these forms would come from different levels in your organization. Thus, a set of 2 forms has been created. Both are needed for a complete nomination. Benchmarking could allow your company to a) compare performances & operational parameters against others in your industry and against similar sized companies and b) to indicate specific areas of improvement needed in your operations with likely benefit implications. With SAP's global experience in benchmarking, detailed interactions with SAP's Value Engineering team will help you to understand and leverage this information much better. At no extra cost to you.

    SAP ACE will shortlist nominees based on quantitative benchmarking information (mandatory set only), then allow a further screening based on qualitative parameters and finally leverage the eminent jury's wisdom & experience as well.

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  • There are awards & there are awards. All of them look the same. Why bother really?

    SAP being a reputed and trusted brand, we are conscious of the benchmarks that we set. ACE follows stringent processes to ensure that the award is genuinely valuable and respected. Getting ACE is a mark of recognition that your organisation's SAP solution implementation is amongst the best in India. There are several other benefits that ACE offers you–as a nominee, as a shortlisted project and as a winner — these are detailed in our ACE Value Pack. ACE is certainly a great value-builder for your organisation.

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  • We had applied last year, but we do not know why we did not receive an Award. We feel it is not worthwhile to apply again, especially without a feedback.

    This is a very valid point. That is why with ACE we have also included notes on "What ACE Winners did differently." We hope that these notes would help all nominees to understand the strength of the previous wining nominations and provide a solid starting point for fresh nominations this year. In addition, if you wish to clarify any specifics on your nomination form, please contact us. We will try to help you as fairly as we can.

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  • We have no time to spend on filling up these details. We'll apply next year.

    Certainly, you are the best judge of when you need to apply. However, applying for ACE is also a question of good timing. You need to be able to motivate your IT team who have done a commendable job in the implementation; you may need to enhance your company's reputation by benchmarking your implementation with other leaders in the Indian sub-continent; you may wish to take advantage of getting the award and the ensuing publicity - utilizing these; and the many other benefits of SAP ACE are usually best done earlier than later.

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  • We have just gone live, so we have as yet, no real story to tell.

    Naturally, if you wish to wait until you have specific and measurable results to show, it makes for greater impact. In areas such as the benchmarking survey for ACE, the deeper your quantitative assessment, the better your chances. Once again, you are the best judge of this.

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  • This is really a waste of time. It's obvious that the big SAP customers will be much better off here.

    That's why in ACE there are awards not only for the "big" enterprises, but also separate awards for medium & small enterprises. In addition, there are separate awards for special modules implemented well. And going from past ACE data, over 60% of all awards were, in fact, won by medium enterprises - a significant growth area for the economy and for SAP India. In fact, the advantages of an award such as SAP ACE are far higher for a small or medium enterprise.

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  • The filling of the ACE form takes away too much of our time. We simply cannot spare the resources.

    We understand. It is natural that your business & operations should come first. However, like many other things, do spare some thought for the corporate & individual benefits that ACE could give you. We have tried our best to make the form simple, yet specific. We have tried to minimize the set of mandatory questions to be answered. Our telephonic discussions (and the ACE Helpline this year) have added even more value to each nomination - and sometimes to the organisation, as well. Unfortunately, given the stature of ACE and the intensive nature of the process, we will need some time & effort from you, the potential winner. We believe that the value to your organization is well worth it, today.

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  • Eventually, it is just another sales gimmick from SAP.

    We have never used ACE as a platform to pitch our products or to sell more. We sincerely believe that ACE is a platform for customers to share best practices, network better and get recognised by global executives from SAP. Nowhere have our sales efforts indicated ACE as any sort of "bait" - because of its independent & impartial jury that decides on winners in several transparent & joint working sessions. This year, for example, we're planning to allow shortlisted nominees to make a brief presentation to the jury and to answer queries directly.

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  • We still have problems with the implementation or the SAP product. We do not think this is the right time to apply for ACE.

    Once again, this is entirely your decision. If you would feel more comfortable after the implementation has stabilised and after your people are satisfied, it can only add to your nomination strength. However, in applying for ACE, these problems would arise during the ensuing site visits and are fairly considered before a winner is eventually chosen. Some of the ACE winners in the past had completed only specific modules--but these were so strong that the jury felt they deserved an award.

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  • We are afraid that all our confidential project data would become public, if we apply for ACE.

    SAP has a very strict & very committed confidentiality clause regarding all nominations for ACE. SAP will not release any specific or technical information to the general public about the project or the implementation without an express approval from you, our nominees. SAP would only use it internally for learning or development purposes. SAP is grateful for the trust and confidence that over 250 ACE projects have so far given us. We will not compromise on this goodwill, ever.

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  • We cannot understand the ACE form & some of the questions.

    We have tried our best to keep the questions clear and simple. If you still need clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us—via e-mail or through our ACE Helpline. We will be only too glad to help you with a richer nomination form that helps you to get the award.

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  • Anyway, it will be SAP who decides on the eventual winners. So why bother?

    Although ACE is an initiative from SAP India, the process of deciding the winners is a stringent and arduous exercise. The eventual decision is achieved through intensive and joint discussions with an independent and eminent jury–typically comprised of qualified academics, reputed IT experts and some past award winners. SAP personnel are NOT involved in the final decisions–they will only provide the information and administration support requested by the jury. Past winners and nominees clearly have testified to this, as can be seen from the feedback we have obtained.

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