SAP, asap.

RUN like never before.

With SME solutions from SAP, small and mid-size companies can get SAP systems, up and running as fast as the business requires. Know more.

  • SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions – Software that gets you Working Quickly.

    Watch the short video to learn how you can run your business better - quickly, with SAP Rapid Deployment solutions. See how you can get everything you need to be up and running in just weeks – including preconfigured software and implementation services.

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  • Oriental Structural Engineers – Business Transformation Study

    Oriental Structural Engineers (OSE) has been building landmarks across India for over 40 years. In order to sustain growth, it needed to quickly install an IT system that could help OSE run up to 70% faster. Read more.

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  • RDS Incremental Approach

    Learn how companies can deploy a solution in weeks instead of months, and realize business value fast - helping them achieve great ROI and pave they way to incorporate more than one rapid-deployment solution. Learn more.

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