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Leadership Talk Series is an ongoing effort at Labs India to give employees a chance to hear and interact with renowned and motivational personalities from all walks of life.

Leadership talk by Harsha Bhogle and Anita Bhogle:March 8, Pune

On March 8 at Suzlon Excellence Academy, Pune, Harsha Bhogle, along with his wife and business partner Anita, discussed leadership ideas with examples from the world of sports, as a part of the leadership talk series.

They pointed out that similar management principles can be applied both to sports as well as the corporate world. The famous commentator and his statistician wife various issues with examples from the sporting world:
  • Team management and team dynamics
  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Resources versus resourcefulness
  • Goal setting and its importance
  • Diversity and sensitivity within the team
The interaction which discussed important management ideas in simple terms, with examples from India’s greatest religion, cricket, honed the winning edge of the SLI, Pune employees.

Leadership Talk by Lila Poonawalla, Bangalore, February 7

The Leadership Talk Series at Pune was inaugurated, on February 7, through an inspiring address by the quintessential Pune girl, who is known throughout the world – Lila Poonawalla! The 70 years old lady, who had conquered corporate India, demonstrated the boundless energy of someone half her age. Her down-to-earth demeanor and her engaging manner immediately struck a chord with the audience who were eagerly waiting to listen to the inspiring words of the first woman CEO in India’s business history.

Starting at 4:30 p.m., after a short introduction by Anita Waghmare, QA Manager at Pune, Lila in turn regaled, inspired, enlightened, and motivated the SLI, Pune employees for more than an hour. She talked about Leadership, contrast between Manager and Leader, teamwork, breaking gender barriers, and much more, by citing various practical examples from her own illustrious career.

The interaction with the woman, who shattered the glass ceiling on the way to her meteoric rise to super-stardom in the Indian business world, inspired and motivated the SLI, Pune employees to run better.

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