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SAP Labs India

Leaders' Corner

Anirban Dey, MD,
SAP Labs India
Bhuvaneswar Naik, VP, HR,
SAP Labs India
Anirban Dey, MD, SAP Labs India Bhuvaneswar Naik, VP, HR, SAP Labs India

An organization can excel only when it succeeds in becoming a true friend and family to all its employees. Towards this end SAP Labs India is relentlessly striving to innovate an organizational culture which rewards talents, encourages work life balance and invests in its employees. Concomitant with our vision to help the “world run better together”, we walk the talk and thus start with continually supporting our employees, the SAP Labs India family, to “run, grow and learn better together.” Significant steps are taken to achieve the mission of ensuring employee satisfaction.

  • The Labs India family contributes to SAP’s cause of improving the businesses of more than 170,000 companies across the world.
  • Employees at labs India work and drive leading technologies and Business Solutions that are changing the course of the industry
  • Our employees run the workplace. Policies and benefits that impact us are being decided collectively by our colleagues since the last 15 months. 
  • SAP Labs India has one of the best benefits and welfare programs in the industry which includes:
    • Health insurance cover
    • Excellent work environment
    • Career and emotional counseling
    • A host of activities and interest groups that allow employees to pursue interests beyond work
    • Opportunities to meet world leaders like Narayana Murthy, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, and enhance the employees’ outlook through Leadership Talks and Book Readings.

We respect individuals, talents and differences which make our work life more exciting.

We have made significant progress in working closely with our customers (through lean, customer days, executive briefings etc.) and contributed to our community (Project Lakshya and month of service.

However there are miles to go before we sleep. We have embarked on a never ending, exciting journey of improving ourselves everyday as SAP Labs India is not just a workplace, it’s a way of life.