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New from 2013:


SAP Hungary Ltd. based on the positive experiences and feedbacks received during the past few years and taking into consideration our customers’ demands, is fusing the traditional PlusPak and PlusPak for Experts packages and improves them. Starting from the 1st of February 2013, 5 E-Learnings can be obtained together with a classroom or a Virtual Live Classroom course (VLC+V) if the participant takes part at any of the courses.

The new discounted bundle packages are called “PlusPak Ex”( Plus Pack with E-Learnings) where “x” is the number of the E-Learnings (for example: BC400 PlusPak E5) included in the offer. The E-Learnings linked to the PlusPak Ex packages are activated after the actual course has started. All activated E-Learnings are valid for 6 months from the date of the activation. The participants can have all the same discounts for the PlusPak bundles that are applicable for public courses (early bird registration, group registration).

New! PlusPak Ex can be obtained not only by the participant who sits at the actual classroom or VLC+V course, but by his colleagues from the same company. Within the frame of a PlusPak E5 for example, SAP provides the opportunity for 5 employees from the same company ( but different from the one who takes part at the classroom course) to have the same E-Learning activation.(1-1-1-1-1)

PlusPak Ex can be obtained in the following packages depending on the number of E-Learnings they contain:

Pakage Size Description Package Price
PlusPak E1 Public classroom course or VLC+V course including 1 E-Learning course price + 390 EUR+VAT /participant
PlusPak E2 Public course or VLC+V course including 2 E-Learnings Course price + 490EUR+VAT /participant
PlusPak E3 Public course or VLC+V course including 3 E-Learnings Course Price + 590 EUR+VAT /participant
PlusPak E4 Public course or VLC+V course including 4 E-Learnings Course Price + 690 EUR+VAT /participant
PlusPak E5 Public course or VLC+V course including 5 E-Learnings Course Price + 790 EUR+VAT /participant

For more information about accessing SAP E-Learning training materials and the needed technical requirements, please click on the link below: SAP E-Learning Technical Requirements.

PlusPak Ex course schedules and prices can be found in our Training Catalogue.
You can also read here about the early bird - and group registration discounts.
PlusPak Ex packages can be ordered together with the Course Registration Sheet and the E-Learning Registration Sheet.
On the Course Registration Sheet please, mark it as: “BC400 PlusPak E5”.
You need more info? Please, contact us!

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