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New From 2013:
Ask for a New Course Date and get 20%-70% discount!

Starting from the 1st of Februray 2013, SAP Hungary introduced New Adaptive Course Schedule that is based on real needs from the Customers. These real schedule requests can come from all over the world, so there is no country limit! This idea supports the start of the courses, since the Customers request them!

Based on certain rules, our Customers can ask for a new training schedule even for a single participant.

Download the form: (New Course Date Request Form pdf.)

In order to start a course successfully, SAP needs 2-4 participants in each classroom. Courses that are planned in English language VLC+V (Virtual Live Classroom with Video Stream) technique can be applied, so participants sitting abroad can join the course remotely without any problems. Please, visit our webshop:

When asking for a new course that has not been listed in our Adaptive Course Schedule before, please fill in the right box with the information regarding the language of the course. Based on our experience, the probability of an English language course is a lot higher than of a Hungarian language training !

Regarding the reasons listed above, a course in English language is more likely to start if at least two participants are booked and the requested course schedule is at least 8 weeks in advance.

Great Discounts:

The further you set the start date of the requested course, the higher discount you can get! (The discount can be individual or group discount as well)
Click for our discounts!

There is a possibility to ask for a new course date for one single participant, but in case no other participants would like to join this course, SAP cannot guarantee the start of this training. However, the participant can raise the chance to take part at this course with „PlusPak Ex” construction registration SAP Hungary managed to start courses many times with even one single participant at different territories which can be enabled in SAP Education’s flexible cost structure. SAP does not guarantee that Your PlusPak Ex assures the start of the course, but does its best in order to make the course happen! In case there are more participants to join this course, You can decide whether You would like to keep PlusPak Ex construction or cancel it, latest until the end of the first training day.

The new course schedule request and the finalization of this request is the result of a consultation process. During this consultaion process SAP checks the availability of its resources ( trainer, server, classrooms) and based on the result, is going to confirm this requested date back.

The request for a new course and its confirmation, or the suggestion of a new schedule in case the original one cannot be confirmed, is carried out in written form.

Asking for a new course date has a 100 EUR+VAT/person fee. This fee is taken over by SAP and will be invoiced only if the Customer changes the date, does not send the registration of the candidates after the confirmation within one week from the request, or cancels the registration.

How to ask for new course date:

  • Download the newest version of Adaptive Course Schedule!
  • In case you do not find the requested course code, but in the official catalogue of SAP it can be found: please, let us know in an email to by writing us the standard course code. We will include this course code into our list within a few days and the course will be published in our New Adaptive Course Schedule with our local price. SAP Hungary can organise any kind of course that is available globally, even with foreign instructors.
  • After you have chosen the course, the already published dates will be checked. If none of these schedules are convenient for you, SAP will offer you more options, based on the number of participants for the requested course.
  • In case 1-3 participants would like to take part, you can choose a schedule from the light green section in our Adaptive Course Schedule.
  • 4 or more participants are willing to start the course, you can choose even from the middle grey section.
  • The days of the course must be in a sequence, the days of the chosen course must follow each other and must not fall on week ends.
  • Please, fill our New Course Date Request form from.
  • Send the signed form by fax or as a scanned version.
  • SAP will, confirm the requested date back in an email and the course code will be published on our website in the New Adaptive Course Schedule.
  • The names of the participants must be sent within one week after the confirmation of the new schedule, in order to be registered in our system.

Courses 4 hours a day!

There is a possibility to have courses with different timing from the customary one( 8h/day CET, from. 09.00 AM- until 05.00 PM). VLC+V (Virtual Live Classroom with Video Stream) is available in this case for remote participants who would like to join the course. Please, let us know on the form if you need this option!

További információkra van szüksége? Vegye fel a kapcsolatot az SAP-val!

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