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Develop your career and a wide range of perspectives for your company.

Apply New Skills Immediately

The combination of a competency study program with project assignments enables you to immediately apply your new skills to company and customer projects. Instructors and consultants give you continuous professional guidance in your project work. At the end of the program, you submit a master thesis describing your methods and the results of your efforts.

SAP Consultant Certificate

You obtain two SAP consultant certificates in the course of the SAP Corporate Master program, offering you fresh career opportunities, and you acquire valuable practical experience, which you can document with internationally acknowledged qualifications. The program focuses on two main topic areas: a selected SAP application or technology, and centralized, integrated business processes that can be supported by the SAP ERP application.

Excellent Prospects

Young, highly qualified professionals are much sought after by consulting firms and many companies from other sectors as well – particularly if they already possess practical project experience in an SAP software environment. Graduates of the SAP Corporate Master program enjoy a wide range of opportunities to prove themselves and demonstrate their leadership abilities.

Valuable Contacts

You will meet other students during the course who – like you – are highly talented, ambitious, and have good networking skills. These contacts will help you extend your professional network. After you graduate, you will have access to the steadily growing alumni community and the worldwide SAP and SAP partner network.

University-Level Education

Experienced teaching staff with practical, scientific, and research backgrounds assure you of carefully coordinated teaching content and high didactic and academic standards. You also benefit from contacts with international partner universities and companies under the program.

A Globally Recognized Degree

After successfully completing the course, you are awarded one of the following degrees, depending on your program focus: Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Engineering, Master of Science, or a Master of Computer Science. All these degrees are state recognized and accredited.


For further information please contact:
Christiane Kerndl
T +49(0) 711 440808-43

SAP Corporate Master Program
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