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By participating in the SAP Corporate Master program, companies make an investment in the future. They advance and retain their smartest employees for a prolonged period of successful cooperation, benefiting from the employees’ superior expertise and fresh ideas.

Sustained Business Advantage

The innovative study program concept focuses on results-oriented, practical teaching combined with the application of learning to company-relevant projects. This direct return on investment makes the program attractive for organizations of all sizes – from large corporations through midsize companies to small businesses.

Highly Qualified, Agile Employees

The SAP Corporate Master program requires a high level of competence and especially the ability to absorb information quickly and to translate it into concrete ideas and activities. The program provides your employees with a better understanding of how business and technology interact, helping them identify intelligent solutions. Your employees can perform more challenging tasks in connection with your company’s or your customers’ projects soon after starting the program, because they are trained as certified SAP consultants in the first few weeks.

Low Opportunity Costs

Students with a first university degree (such as a bachelor’s degree) are paid a lower starting salary than experienced SAP consultants. You can reduce opportunity costs significantly by allowing graduates to take part in our program at an early stage in their careers. Their absence during this phase is associated with only relatively small productivity and revenue losses per training day. Ultimately, however, your productivity gains will be disproportionately higher because you will be able to quickly assign your students to internal and external projects. Your early investment in high-potential employees soon bears fruit, and they have a chance to obtain a master’s degree while in your employment.

Sustained Image Enhancement

As a partner company, you benefit from a positive image by association: the educational opportunities you provide and the program’s special focus increase your attractiveness as an employer. You demonstrate that you recognize and appreciate dedicated and talented individuals and help them advance their careers.

HR Recruiting Included

The universities participating in the SAP Corporate Master program are integrated in a joint talent pool: you can cast your line into this pool and “catch” highly qualified junior staff.


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T +49(0) 711 440808-43

SAP Corporate Master Program
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