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SAP Education holds a five-week “Consultant Academy,” at which students familiarize themselves with an SAP application or technology in depth. Students can choose between training courses for different SAP consultant profiles (for example, management accounting or human capital management).Training in an SAP consultant profile takes place before the first university study module and concludes with an examination as a certified SAP consultant for the selected profile.

At a later stage in the program, students attend a further 10-day SAP training course on processes supported by the SAP ERP application and integration know-how. This course also concludes with a certification examination by SAP Education. Involvement in hands-on projects at the students’ own companies or at customer sites, in parallel to the academic side of the course, forms an integral part of the SAP Corporate Master program.

SAP Consultant Academy and SAP Certification Program

The compact and solution-oriented “Consultant Academy” program offered by SAP Education enables students to acquire the know-how they need to work successfully on SAP projects. The academy teaches cross-industry expertise for SAP Business Suite applications to prospective solution consultants and cross-industry expertise for the SAP NetWeaver technology program to prospective technology and development consultants. Students can obtain certification in various consultant profiles with different focuses – for example, management accounting with the SAP ERP Financials solution in four- to five week courses.

The courses include case studies that involve students setting up an imaginary model company. They apply their theoretical knowledge to the model company and acquire useful initial project experience in the process.

The courses comprise a mixture of e-learning and classroom work. This blended learning technique enables participants to obtain certification in their selected SAP consultant profile within the space of four to five weeks.

Program participants who successfully complete the SAP certification program for consultants have then gained qualification as SAP specialists. The certificate is internationally recognized as proof of world-class solution, application, and integration expertise.


For further information please contact:
Christiane Kerndl
T +49(0) 711 440808-43

SAP Corporate Master Program
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