SAP CRM : Gestion de la fidélisation des clients (en anglais)

Découvrez comment SAP CRM vous aide à gérer les programmes de fidélité, les adhésions et les récompenses, à communiquer avec les clients via différents canaux (Internet, centre d'appels), à profiter de fonctionnalités de gestion de fidélité intégrées et à optimiser l'expérience des clients pour mieux les fidéliser.

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    • SAP CRM: enabling customer-loyalty management. In this demo, you'll see how SAP CRM enables you to manage loyalty programs, memberships, and rewards; empower customers to interact with you across multiple channels, including the Web and call center; benefit from integrated, end-to-end loyalty-management capabilities; and enhance the customer experience to improve customer retention. SAP CRM allows marketers to define and execute loyalty programs to promote profitable customer behavior. In this example I'm the loyalty-program manager at Wrightmade Housewares. For this month I've defined two loyalty programs, which are now executing and available to targeted customers. Let's look at how SAP CRM allows targeted customers to manage their loyalty accounts and program activities online. Peter Baker is a member of the Wrightmade customer-loyalty program. For every dollar Peter spends, he earns a reward point that he can use toward future purchases. Peter goes to the Wrightmade Web site and logs in to be sure he's registered for all the points promotions. He enters the area to see which campaigns he's eligible for. Next, he checks how many points he's earned, and sees that he's earned 90 points. SAP CRM empowers Peter to view all his account and loyalty-program information online. Now Peter is ready to do some online shopping. He decides to buy some new furniture. He searches the online catalog and finds some teak lounge chairs he likes. Integration with the order-capture system allows him to place the order and initiate the payment and fulfillment process. Peter orders four chairs for $1,600 and then checks out. Once he places the order, Peter can see a summary of the order details. When he returns to his account, he can immediately see that he earned 1,600 points for purchasing the new chairs. He also qualified for two promotions. He earned 50% more points because his purchase was in the lounge chair category, and he earned 25% more points because it was in a campaign he subscribed to. SAP CRM allows you to leverage loyalty-reward programs to encourage profitable behavior from customers. Now Peter wants to redeem some of his points. He can see the eligible products and the number of points required. He decides to redeem points for a bottle stopper. If he didn't have enough points, he would be alerted, and he'd be able to buy additional points. With SAP CRM, you can empower customers to earn, purchase, and redeem loyalty points, and allow customers to manage their own customer-loyalty accounts. Now let's look at how the interaction center in SAP CRM allows call-center agents to manage customer interactions. Peter Baker decides to call Wrightmade, because he wants to donate some of his loyalty points to his favorite charity. In this example I'm the call-center agent, and I've received the call from Peter. I do a quick search and find all of Peter's relevant customer information. Because loyalty management is integrated with the interaction center, I can instantly see that Peter is part of the loyalty program and is a gold-level customer. I can drill down for details on his loyalty-program membership and to see his total number of points. Peter tells me that he'd like to donate the balance of his customer-loyalty points to his favorite charity. I can instantly search on the charities with which Wrightmade has a relationship. I can then transfer the points to the charity of Peter's choice. I can also see in real time the total number of points t
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