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SAP Financial Services Forum North America offers an outstanding opportunity to meet and network with the SAP ecosystem.

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  • Accenture

    Accenture - Platinum Sponsor
    Accenture is committed to being the number one implementer and innovator of SAP globally, with clear leadership in large scale business transformation, business process improvement, value delivery and application outsourcing. With more than 38,000 SAP practitioners worldwide, we deliver and support a full range of industry-specific business services for large scale implementations that span multiple solutions including Core ERP, Lines of Business (SCM, HCM etc.) and emerging technology areas such as analytics, HANA, mobility and cloud. Our global delivery network, proprietary assets and solutions and Innovation Centers for SAP Solutions deliver unmatched expertise and high performance to our clients.

  • IBM

    IBM - Platinum Sponsor
    The alliance of IBM and SAP represents 40+ years of meaningful, ongoing collaboration that has helped thousands of organizations find success. We have served financial institutions across the globe helping to accelerate their growth, efficiency and resilience. We continue to be committed to delivering immediate value, superior ROI and high customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with you to discover smarter solutions to help you innovate, compete and win.

  • CSC

    CSC - Gold Sponsor
    With more than 35 years of experience in working with banks of all sizes, CSC delivers proven solutions for business, compliance and growth challenges. Our deep industry knowledge, innovative approaches and technology expertise assist global banks in transforming their operations, reducing risk, complying with increasingly complex regulations and taking advantage of the technology revolution. CSC’s comprehensive portfolio complements SAP's core banking assets with cards management and payments software, as well as mobile security and compliance software as a service. Our full range of services includes data integration and optimization, independent testing, application management, enterprise services and integration consulting — all specialized for SAP for Banking. CSC’s 90,000 employees serve clients in more than 70 countries. In addition to our headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia, U.S.A., CSC has three other major offices in Australia, Asia and Europe.

  • Deloitte

    Deloitte - Gold Sponsor
    Deloitte Consulting LLP adds a new dimension to any SAP implementation, providing a 360-degree approach to maximize the value of your SAP investment. Our multidisciplinary capabilities, including our financial services expertise, create solutions to help you achieve unmatched business value. Ask us how to go beyond basic improvement to produce significant and sustainable change.

  • EMC Corporation

    EMC - Gold Sponsor
    EMC Corporation is a global leader in enabling SAP customers and service providers to transform their operations and deliver IT as a service. Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping SAP customers, including Financial Services Companies, virtualize SAP applications and optimize SAP HANA database analytics. Through deep partnerships with global systems integrators and service providers, EMC helps make IT departments with SAP software landscapes more effective at storing, managing, protecting, and analyzing their most valuable asset information.

  • Axxiome

    Axxiome - Silver Sponsor
    Axxiome is a global banking solutions provider focused on advising on core banking complexity reduction, analytics, and providing advanced SAP Banking expertise for accelerating implementation and integration. Axxiome helps banks achieve clarity from a business, technology and portfolio perspective supporting the drive towards the achievement of business outcomes and regulatory compliance.

  • Ernst & Young LLP

    Ernst & Young LLP - Silver Sponsor
    Financial Services executives are focused on using IT to run the business running effectively and success depends on IT delivering tangible value. EY IT Advisory professionals can help architect, deploy and manage technology to accelerate business performance through technology transformation, enterprise intelligence, enabling technology and technology risk and security.

  • HCL

    HCL - Silver Sponsor
    HCL Technologies is a leading global IT services company. HCLs Enterprise Application Services division delivers significant value to large, complex organizations through the innovative implementation and support of SAP. HCL is renowned for its global ability to help financial services clients accelerate business value from their SAP investments.

  • HP

    HP - Silver Sponsor
    At HP we believe technology can create new possibilities for people around the world—from high school students and soccer moms to budding entrepreneurs, government officials, and business executives. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities. So we never stop exploring. And we can't wait to show you what we think of next.

  • Virtusa

    Virtusa - Silver Sponsor
    Virtusa Corporation (NASDAQ: VRTU) is a global IT services company that combines innovation, technology leadership and industry solutions to transform the customer experience. With strong functional and domain experience in Financial Services, Virtusa’s SAP services provide comprehensive approach and solution to end customers through Accelerated Solutions Development, Millennial Transformation, etc.

  • Answerthink

    Answerthink - Bronze Sponsor
    Answerthink is an SAP Gold Partner delivering SAP Business All-in-One, Business Objects and BPC solutions - industry specific software, implementation services, support and training. With successful implementations in the financial industry by leveraging the best practices of The Hackett Group, Answerthink helps clients improve performance and maximize returns on their SAP investments.

  • Capgemini

    Capgemini - Bronze Sponsor
    Capgemini's Financial Services Global Business Unit brings deep industry experience, innovative service offerings and next generation global delivery to serve the financial services industry. With a network of 21,000 professionals serving over 900 clients worldwide, Capgemini collaborates with leading banks, insurers and capital market companies to deliver business and IT solutions and thought leadership which create tangible value.

  • Cisco

    Cisco - Bronze Sponsor
    The Cisco Unified Computing System™ server platform provides a new data center architecture that is ideal for supporting SAP HANA. Cisco UCS is the next-generation data center server platform that unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualization into a cohesive system designed to out perform previous server architectures, increase operational agility and flexibility while dramatically reducing overall data center costs.

  • Clear Software

    Clear Software - Bronze Sponsor
    Clear Software is focused on providing highly intuitive, cloud-based accounting applications that transform traditional back-office processes into an efficient and enjoyable user experience. Their main product, ClearUI, is a cloud application that exposes SAP’s Contract Accounting functionality for insurance companies (FS-CD), utility providers (IS-U), and government agencies (PS-CD).

  • Cognilytics, Inc.

    Cognilytics - Bronze Sponsor
    Cognilytics is a global provider of advanced analytic solutions with a mission to help clients monetize their data. Our goal is to help customers determine key insights and trends within their data enabling better decision making as well as driving top-line revenue, operational excellence, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance.

  • Compiricus

    Compiricus - Bronze Sponsor
    COMPIRICUS is a software and consulting company specializing in treasury, asset, and risk management with products for: Data transfer of financial/investment data with COMPIRICUS' Financial Adapter; Statutory Reporting integrated in SAP; AM/TRM; Alternative Asset Management and Accounting based on SAP FAM/TRM. Focusing on: Investment Accounting; Statutory Reporting; Risk Management and Investment Controlling; Cash and Liquidity Management.

  • Delphix

    Delphix - Bronze Sponsor
    Delphix delivers agility to enterprise application projects, addressing the largest source of inefficiency and inflexibility in the datacenter—provisioning, managing, and refreshing databases for business-critical applications. Leading global organizations use Delphix to dramatically reduce the time, cost, and risk of application rollouts, accelerating both packaged and custom application projects.

  • Dickinson & Associates

    Dickinson & Associates - Bronze Sponsor
    Dickinson + Associates, Inc. is a SAP reseller and services partner with 15 years of experience delivering transformational SAP solutions. We provide solutions for the U.S. financial services industry, focusing on the US mid-market insurance and banking industries, and a technology focus in business analytics, bank transactions and property/casualty insurance.

  • IFB

    IFB - Bronze Sponsor
    As an international consulting company, ifb group specializes in management consulting and business technology for financial and risk management with a focus on governance, compliance, internal controls, risk management and accounting. Our subject matter experts support our customers from initial strategy and business concept to the transformation of business processes and implementation of IT systems.

  • MSG

    msg global solutions - Bronze Sponsor
    Serving financial services companies since the early 1980's, msg group develops and implements core SAP insurance solutions. Our clients include many of the largest international insurance companies. An international arm of msg group, msg global operates through thirteen offices worldwide to help clients fully leverage the SAP suite for insurance.

  • Optimal

    Optimal - Bronze Sponsor
    Optimal is an award-winning SAP consulting firm that specializes in leading SAP-based business transformation initiatives for companies and public sector organizations of all sizes. For more than 18 years, Optimal has helped clients achieve operational excellence, sustainable growth, and a clear-cut competitive advantage through the implementation of SAP technology.

  • Datawatch

    Datawatch - Bronze Sponsor
    Datawatch provides visual data discovery software that empowers organizations to optimize the use of any data, regardless of its structure, volume, or velocity. Its unique ability to integrate structured, unstructured, and semi-structured sources with real-time streaming data allows users to interactively discover key factors that impact their business operations.

  • Qnovate

    Qnovate - Bronze Sponsor
    Qnovate specializes in innovative Cloud Services and Solutions that help organizations running SAP maximize their investment and increase their competitive edge in their markets. In particular Qnovate offers SAP Rapid Deployment solutions for Financials Services, SAP Cloud CRM solutions that easily integrate with existing SAP deployments and support key Financial Services functions ranging from account origination to products placement.

  • Return on Intelligence

    Return on Intelligence - Bronze Sponsor
    With extensive experience leveraging industry knowledge and technology, Return on Intelligence helps clients strategize, design and implement Core Systems Transformation solutions. With nearly 1,400 consultants, we specialize in I-SMAC: the Internet of Everything, Social, Mobile, Analytic and Cloud technologies, and build unique solutions for clients seeking a competitive advantage.

  • Sita

    Sita Corp - Bronze Sponsor
    Sita Corp is a trusted SAP® channel partner, and the first master value-added reseller for SAP Financial Services. Sita Corp provides innovative software applications and mobility solutions, and specializes in helping companies integrate data from disparate silos into an enterprise view. Sita Corp delivers real-time analytics solutions for valuations, enterprise risk management, and fraud management – turning structured and unstructured data into actionable intelligence.

  • Violin Memory

    Violin Memory - Bronze Sponsor
    Violin Memory all-flash Arrays bring storage performance in-line with high-speed applications, servers and networks; scaling to petabytes and millions of IOPs with low, predictable latency.

  • ConVista Consulting

    ConVista Consulting
    SAP would like to thank ConVista Consulting for sponsoring the coffee breaks. Please visit them at:

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