SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase: Gain Social Media Insights

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    • Every day, there are millions of conversations occurring on the social web. Conversations rich with ideas, experiences, emotions, and behaviors.
    • Conversations that can impact your business – for better or for worse. The problem is that it's hard to turn this massive volume of data into something meaningful.
    • That's why SAP offers SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase, a powerful cloud solution that helps you quickly extract real insights from the social media buzz. It's fast and easy to use.
    • With a year's worth of social media history distilled into easily composed interactive dashboards, you can instantly research virtually anything that people talk about online –
    • from your brands, products, and competitors to your market, and the social and economic issues that affect it.
    • You can measure the popularity of the topics you are researching by looking at the volume of posts and mentions associated with your key words.
    • And you can understand who's talking, and where the conversations are happening, by drilling into details like geography, gender, or source.
    • You can also spot trends by looking at the terms that are frequently used along with your key words.
    • Taken together, these different views can help you identify the various target groups in your audience and understand the themes that are popular with them.
    • But popularity by itself only tells part of the story. To really reach and influence a group of people, you need to know how they feel, and how their feelings change over time.
    • SAP Social Media Analytics brings you this knowledge by extracting feelings from social media posts using a proprietary, highly accurate natural-language processing engine.
    • These feelings are quantified and presented as a sentiment score, which you can use to measure and correlate changes in customer opinion with campaigns, promotions, news, or other events.
    • The details behind the sentiment score are summarized in a series of views that reveal specific emotions, likes, and behaviors.
    • This insight will help you put your customer's feelings at the heart of your decisions.
    • You can also explore opinions on different aspects of the topics you are researching by adding themes to your dashboard.
    • This cross-tab view of the data gives you the power to quickly make comparisons, draw conclusions, and let your customers guide your focus.
    • But no analysis of sentiment would be complete without understanding the intensity of the feelings that people express.
    • SAP Social Media Analytics delivers this insight as a passion intensity score, a critical metric that helps you measure the strength of peoples' emotions – whether positive or negative.
    • After all, when it comes to your customers' purchasing decisions, there's a big difference between "like" and "love."
    • And, understanding this will let you identify your most passionate supporters and transform them from loyalists into evangelists.
    • Better business decisions and deeper customer relationships come from knowing the prevailing attitudes in the marketplace, and the emotions and behaviors connected with your brand and your products.
    • People are talking . . . . All you have to do is listen. Get started with SAP Social Media Analytics today and find out what people are thinking ‒ and feeling ‒ about your brand and your products.

Learn how you can use SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase to stay tuned to the conversations people are having online about your business. See how you can measure the popularity of the topics you are researching by looking at the volume of posts and mentions associated with your keywords. And find out how this can lead you to identifying the various target groups in your audience, and understanding the themes that are popular with them.

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