SAP Premier Customer Network Embraces Powerful Social Model of Customer Experience

SAP NEWSBYTE - December 12, 2011 - SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today announced that Bayer, one of the world's leading companies in the areas of health, nutrition and high-grade synthetic materials, is participating in SAP Premier Customer Network, the exclusive business community of more than 300 global top-tier, strategic SAP customers. The innovative network encompasses a differentiating model of customer experience, working with C-level executives and technology leaders of many of the Fortune 500 to help ensure that SAP provides a nimble, comprehensive and strategic response to the challenges facing large global enterprises today.

"As a participant of SAP Premier Customer Network, we are part of an exclusive community of organizations with significant global scale and accompanying challenges," said Markus Indetzki, head of SAP CoE, Bayer Business Services GmbH. "Our participation provides ways to validate our SAP strategy, become more closely aligned over the long term and, in addition, connect us with people who are walking that same innovative path, to share ideas and to influence SAP’s strategy on products and services."

Participants of SAP Premier Customer Network benefit from a range of strategic programs designed to increase long-term value, connectivity and satisfaction. Executive sponsorship and programmatic alignment help network participants to experience faster response times, improved personal attention and an opportunity to engage and influence the SAP development roadmap. Additionally, one of the network’s most innovative features is the power that comes from connecting SAP’s powerful global customer base.

A key element of SAP Premier Customer Network is PCN Connect, an innovative, closed community platform supported by a program of exclusive live events that bring together experts, executives and strategists to share best practices, case studies and lessons learned. The platform connects information, knowledge and people from SAP and the network of premier customers. And with a center of excellence at the heart of this network, connecting the customer and business needs with those most able to deliver immediate and longer term value.

"This innovation, including greater transparency, is the new model of customer relationship and the exchange of information and knowledge through a community of participants — rather than a group of loosely-connected business entities — delivers real and immediate value," said Nina Simosko, global senior vice president, SAP Premier Customer Network. "It is what our customers have been telling us, and with the network, it is what we are delivering. The network is a collection of customer-driven programs and by working closely with our customers, we are presented with new ways to engage and provide value. SAP will continue to innovate in this way in close concert with customers like Bayer."

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