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SAP launched Startup Focus as a global program to help promising startups in the Big Data, predictive and real-time analytics space develop new applications on SAP HANA and accelerate market traction.

SAP Startup Focus provides startups with the following key benefits at no cost:

  • Technology: Immediate access to cutting edge HANA technology platform
  • Resources: Access to technical HANA experts and marketing & sales enablement support
  • Customers: Access to our 250,000+ global customer base to sell market-ready solutions
  • Money: Opportunity to pitch to the venture community via the HANA Real Time Fund and SAP Ventures
  • Community: Of entrepreneurs, partners, investors and thought leaders in the Big Data space
  • No equity: SAP Startup Focus does not require any equity sharing from participating startups

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SAP Startup Focus Video

Humanizing the Face of Innovation at SAP Startup Focus

Startup innovators and founders are often viewed as superheroes, accomplishing incredible goals despite all challenges. And sometimes, you get a glimpse of them, like these behind the scene candid moments.

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Funding for Startups Using SAP HANA

Looking to propel innovative startups with the $405 million SAP HANA Real Time Fund. This fund provides capital specifically for startups that are using SAP HANA as their application database to address big-data challenges.

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SAP HANA at the speed of light

Meet the Startups in the program and their solutions

Over 1,250 startups in the program from 55 countries, covering various industries and lines of business. Come and learn about their go-to-market ready solutions, built on the SAP HANA platform.

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