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Reducing TCO with SAP Sybase ASE and Real-Time Data Platform Technology

Reducing TCO with SAP Sybase ASE and Real-Time Data Platform Technology

Do you find yourself asking, how do I manage an explosion of new data sources? Unlock data for business insights with increasingly complex requirements? These trends are driving organizations, just like yours, to adopt new data strategies that promote innovation and simplify their technology landscape.

No one wants to overspend on data management costs, but that’s just what you may be doing if you lack an understanding of all the costs – apparent and hidden – associated with running your database systems. Enterprises should regularly assess the total cost of ownership of their major database applications to understand the true costs of running their systems. In a recent study of companies running database systems from seven different vendors, IDC found that SAP Sybase ASE total costs were 28% less than the total costs of the other relational databases studied.
Join Carl Olofson of IDC and Neil McGovern from SAP for this webcast to learn the common mistakes in assessing database costs and see how SAP Sybase - ASE saves on these costs:
  • ASE installations are more efficient than other systems
  • ASE requires less storage capacity
  • ASE runs on less server processor power
  • ASE requires fewer IT staff resources overall
In addition, join Francesco Crosara from SAP Consulting to learn the value of selecting SAP Services, a world-class consulting organization, as your implementation partner and also to hear what solutions are available from SAP Consulting in the area of ASE. If moving an application to another database seems too complicated or expensive, consider that IDC estimates that Sybase ASE could save a company $129,000 per 100 users over 5 years when compared to other databases. The presentation will discuss the typical objections you will encounter for using a new database and how to overcome them as well as the benefits of SAP’s Real-time Data Platform.
Neil McGovern, Senior Director of Solution Marketing, SAP
Carl Olofson, Research Vice President , IDC
Date of Issue:
16 Aug 2012
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