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Deloitte Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why

Deloitte Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why

View this on-demand Webcast to see part two of the "HANA Customer Spotlight" series, featuring Christopher Dinkel, IT leader for Analytics and Reporting Studio, Deloitte. Mr. Dinkel will share the inside story of Deloitte's internal implementation of SAP HANA. Find out how key stakeholder support was gained and how a large amount of structured and unstructured data is being deployed at Deloitte. You'll see live use cases including:
  • The impact of the SAP HANA platform on Deloitte's front-end reports, including reduction in data load time from 48 hours to 12 minutes and report run time from 30 minutes to milliseconds
  • Unification of multiple disparate data sources into a single data model, accelerating all types of data - SAP and non-SAP - from internal and external data sources
  • The ability to streamline the expense report audit process leveraging full-text search capabilities, effectively reducing processing time from hours to seconds
"HANA Customer Spotlight" is a Webcast series featuring the experiences of SAP HANA customers. Visit www.sap.com/hanaspotlight for a complete listing of upcoming and on-demand events.
Christopher Dinkel, IT leader, Analytics and Reporting Studio, Deloitte
Scot Feldman, Senior Director, SAP HANA Product Marketing, SAP
Date of Issue:
01 Aug 2012
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