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Streamline Budgeting: Break Free from Outdated Processes

Streamline Budgeting: Break Free from Outdated Processes
Budgeting in the Public Sector may best be described as complex and all budget policy documents are driven by the political process. Public sector budgeting is unique with many nuances, a demand for transparency and a greater need for precision. While there has been an ongoing need for a simpler solution to public sector budgeting, the continuing lag in the economy amplifies the demand
Harold Tuck, Former CIO, San Diego County, Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Government
Pat Saffo, Mgr., Office of Financial Mgmt and Budget, Planning and Budgeting Team, CO Dept of Transportation
Christian Fuellgraff, Global Director, Public Budget Formulation, SAP
Date of Issue:
18 Oct 2012
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