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Media Library Index
Webinar Series: Enhance Usability with SAP Screen Personas
Innovation in BI: Creating The Network of Truth
Creating the Intelligent Enterprise with Real-Time Big Data to Decision
SAP Control Center Approach to Real-Time Enterprise
Drive Excellence in Asset Maintenance and Inventory Management with Mobile Solutions from SAP
Drive Excellence in Asset Maintenance and Inventory Management with Mobile Solutions from SAP
Deliver World Class Field Service with Mobile Apps from SAP
Predictive Analytics: The Stakes have Never Been Higher
Varian Medical improves Sales and Distribution with SAP Screen Personas
Get a Sneak Peek at SAP Sybase IQ, Version 16
The Connected Car
Webinar Series: Enhance Usability with SAP Screen Personas
Manage your Big Data as Enterprise Information
Big Data Comes of Age: Shifting to a Real-time Data Platform
Take your Architecture Efforts to the next level with SAP Sybase PowerDesigner
Balance Continuous Improvement and Accelerated Growth with SAP ActiveEmbedded Services
The Art of Analytics: Creating Intelligent Business Decisions
Big Data is Adding to Data Management Challenges
The Power of Real-time Predictive Analytics for Big Data
CPO Rising 2012: Keeping Score
Powerful Predictive Analytics
Discover the New Data Synchronization Features in SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16
Webinar Series: Enhance Usability with SAP Screen Personas
Using SAP Advantage Database Server in the Cloud
Streamline the Quote-to-Cash Process with SAP Screen Personas
Power Employees to Travel Smarter and Get Reimbursed Faster with SAP Travel OnDemand
SAP Webinar: Turn customer sentiment into a competitive edge
Take Your Data Management Processes to a New Level
Make SAP ERP Beautiful with SAP Screen Personas
Achieve Operational Excellence Through Rapid-Deployment Solutions
Revolutionize Your Asset Management Practices with Mobile Solutions
Master Data Management Metrics and Measures - The Real Thing
Virtualizing SAP Sybase ASE - Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices
Kennametal Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
SAP Screen Personas: Personalization without programming
SAP Productivity Pak: The Proven Driver for Employee Performance
International Transportation Management: Sharpening Your Focus on Order Management and Total Landed Cost
The Pros and Cons of Popular Disaster Recovery Methods
Transform Your Customer Experience with a Holistic Mobility Strategy
Introducing SAP 360 Customer: Customer Engagement at the Speed of Thought
Driving Innovation and Competitive Advantage with Sustainability
Manage your mobile workforce with SAP software
Build Skills that Add Value with SAP Workforce Performance Builder
University of Kentucky Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
Transforming ARI Fleet Management with SAP HANA
Upgrade Now! with the Help of SAP Enterprise Support
Sneak Peek at Upcoming PowerDesigner Release
SAP Sybase ASE – Tips, Tricks, and Little-Known Features
SAP Planning and Consolidation 10 Commandments for Migration
Predictive Analytics: Transforming the Future with Insight Today
Leverage "Big Data" to Understand Customer Demand
Agricultural Contract Management - Complexity Made Simple
Data Governance Strategies: Helping Your Organziation Comply, Integrate, and Transform
Leveraging Integrated Data Platforms in Financial Services
SAP Data Services – The Only ETL Tool You Should Consider
ARI Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why
How to Realize Big Data ROI
SAP Runs SAP HANA - Here's Why
Maximizing the Value of Your Data
Taking Enterprise Data to Remote and Mobile Environments
Intelligent Data for Smart Grid Operations
Streamline Budgeting: Break Free from Outdated Processes
Improve User Results by Boosting User Efficiency with SAP User Experience Management by Knoa
Leveraging SAP HANA to Improve Back Office Operations
Energy Analytics for Customer Operations
Rethinking analytics: The six steps to a truly social enterprise
Planning Your Maintenance Inventory Accurately and Efficiently?
SAP Sybase PowerDesigner Blueprint Techcast Webcast: Using a Taxonomy to Manage Entities in a Data Model
Finance Transformation in a Post-Crisis World: Thriving in Times of Uncertainty
Enhanced Performance and Security with ASE ESD2
Hear how Dow Chemical is driving Product Safety and Stewardship with SAP products and services
Measure Your Organization's Readiness for Data Governance
Ignite creative ideas and tap into your data – big and small – with SAP Visual Intelligence
Medtronic Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
Eby-Brown Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
The Integrated Finance Enterprise – Achieving Financial Excellence and Turning Compliance into a Competitive Edge
Sustain the Value of your Technology Investment – Learning Doesn't End at Go-Live
Easy ROI in TMS: How companies are lowering their freight spend and improving customer satisfaction with transportation management systems
Innovation Made Easy: McAfee Prepares for Innovation with SAP Business Suite 7
Finding the right WMS: A guide to the different types, the value, and your options to improve efficiency, throughput and cost
Simplified Business Innovation with Quality Assurance Services from SAP
Demystifying SAP HANA
Orchestrating Real-Time Support and Accelerated Innovation
Webcast: At IBM, Complex Offerings Just Got a Lot Less Complicated
Don't Underestimate the Impact that Training has on Project Success and Long-Term ROI
Ganz einfach On Demand
SAP Business All-in-One Fast Start
Don't Underestimate the Impact that Training has on Project Success and Long-Term ROI
Capgemini Procurement Services on SAP Sourcing OnDemand
SAP ERP Rapid-Deployment Solution for Operational Reporting with SAP HANA
TAMKO Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
Home Trust Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
Defining a Winning Mobile Strategy in Asset-Intensive Industries
Reducing TCO with SAP Sybase ASE and Real-Time Data Platform Technology
SAP Runs SuccessFactors: Better Together for Operational Excellence and Employee Engagement
Deloitte Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why
Three questions every organization should ask to optimize their risk management decisions
Southern California Edison Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
What every SAP customer should know about SAP’s Real-Time Data Platform
SAP Energy Management Solution
L'e-business simplifié avec Information Interchange OnDemand
Artoni - Sapphire Madrid 2011
SAP and SuccessFactors: Better Together Through Integrated Value
Winning the Moments of Crtitical Engagement
SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 User Experience
A New Retail Paradigm: Solving Big Data to Enhance Real-Time Retailing
Deep Dive on BW powered by HANA Migration Process & Benefits
Proven Approaches to Mobilizing the Enterprise without Overhauling your Legacy Systems
Maximize Your HR Investment with SAP and SuccessFactors
Roadmap to the Cloud:  From Virtualization to your Optimal Cloud Solution
Mastering Big Data to Exploit New Opportunities in Real-Time
SAP Innovations: Leading the Way in Finance
Empowering Your Employees with Real-Time Mobile Analytics
Enabling Business in the Moment with Analytics – Leveraging the Latest Technology Innovations
Roadmap to the Cloud:  From Virtualization to your Optimal Cloud Solution
SAP's HR Roadmap: What's in Store for the Future Webcast
Introducing SAP Advanced Delivery Management: The New Way of Implementing SAP Solutions
Rethinking the Art of the Possible with SAP HANA Services
Predictive analytics The muscle behind every successful trade promotion
SAP Helps Retailers Cash in on Big Data Webcast
Sybase: Customer Testimonial Video
Analytische Anwendungen für Finance und Risk in Banken, powered by SAP HANA
Moderne Integrationsprinzipien am Beispiel bankspezifischer Frontendprozesse
Von der Idee zum Service – schrittweise serviceorientierte Neuausrichtung einer SAP-Banking-Landschaft
SAP Banking Services for Corporate Banking – a lean and agile implementation approach at Royal Bank of Scotland
Internationaler CRM-Rollout bei der Volkswagen Financial Services AG
Social runs best – wie integriere ich Soziale Netzwerke in meine Verkaufsprozesse?
ABS 2.0 – Asset Backed Securitization nach der Bankenkrise
Was bedeuten Veränderungen bei Finanzinstituten für die Unternehmensdaten?
T-Systems Business Analytics with SAP HANA
BW on HANA – The Shift of Borders
Schnelle und flexible Analyse von Geschäftsdaten für das Service Center der Mercedes-Benz Bank: Einsatz von SAP Business Analytics & In-Memory-technologie in einem Proof of Concept
Cash Cycle Management Solutions (CCMS) von Wincor Nixdorf meets SAP BusinessObjects
keine Veröffentlichung
SAP HANA - Status, Ausblick, Technik und Betrieb
Multidimensionale Analyseverfahren zur Aufdeckung von Kreditrisiken
SAP & Sybase - die gemeinsame Datenbankstrategie
Die E-Bilanz optimal vorbereiten
Via SAP BO Access Control 10.0 zu einem integrierten Compliance-System
FATCA – die Zeit läuft!
Einführung neue Meldewesenlösung International Regulatory Reporting (IRR)
Finanz-Reporting (FINREP) mit SAP – Überblick und mögliche Schlüssel zum Erfolg
Übergang des Aufsichtsrechts auf IFRS (KonÜV) – Erste Erkenntnisse aus der Praxis
Impairment – Inhalte, Anforderungen und Lösungen
Die neuen regulatorischen Anforderungen – Herausforderungen und Implikationen
Schneller – einfacher – produktiver mit cloudbasierten Lösungen von SAP
SAP for Banking in der Cloud?
Wettbewerbsvorteil “Mitarbeiter” – Wie Banken mit „Business Execution“ Mitarbeiterpotenziale besser nutzen können
Chancen in der Cloud – Banking Services Network
Cross Channel Banking – Challenge and Chance
iPhone, iPad & Co sicher managen
SAP Mobility – Mit Sicherheit neue Perspektiven erkennen
IT-Unterstützung in einer Förderbank
Entwicklungen und Veränderungen für SAP for Banking
Quo vadis Staatsbank? – die IT als Wegbereiter der Modernisierung
SAP - Powering the Next Generation Banks
Mobile Anwendungen für die Getränkeindustrie
Zeit für Innovation: In-Memory-Technologie für Getränke- und Konsumgüterhersteller
SAP BO 4.0 - Einsatz bei der Bitburger Braugruppe
Neuerungen für die Getränkebranche zur Optimierung Ihrer Geschäftsprozesse
SAP Strategie für die Konsumgüterindustrie
Faster, Higher, Stronger Webcast -- In-Memory Computing Disruption and What SAP HANA Means for Your Organization
SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by HANA Deep Dive Webcast
A simpler, less-expensive interface Webcast -- SAP Application Interface Framework 2.0
Cut through the complexity -- SAP Solution Sales Configuration Webcast
In the innovation race, SAP ActiveEmbedded launches you into the lead
Accelerating Your Mobile Applications Strategy with SAP Services
Global SDS Authoring Services at Würth
SAP EHS Regulatory Content @ Clariant
Back to the roots with SAP EHS Regulatory Content out of the box!? A Migration Project
The ESCOM Package
MSDS Requirements in Japan
GHS Implementation in North America
What’s new in 2012-1?
Sustainability Lab User Group “Regulatory Content” Welcome and Introduction
Mobilizujte svůj obchod - Helena Moravcová
CRM a BCM v Plzeňském Prazdroji - Pavel Pučelík
SAP CRM Rapid Deployment Solution snadno a rychle - Dawood Hla Shwe
SAP CRM in Iskratel Group - Robert Kunstelj
SAP CRM: Pohled za horizont tradičního řešení - Jan Ferjo
Jak využít službu SAP Benchmarking pro zlepšení v oblasti CRM - Robert Nešpor
Nebojte se zákazníka, zákazník se bojí vás - Petr Koubský
Představení společnosti con4PAS
Mobile Anwendungen für die Milchindustrie
Zeit für Innovation: In-Memory-Technologie für die Milchindustrie
Erfahrungsbericht zu SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) der Milch-Union Hocheifel eG
Neuerungen für die Branche zur Optimierung Ihrer Geschäftsprozesse
SAP Strategie für die Konsumgüterindustrie
LT2.6: Ihr Risiko- und Forderungsfulfillment für den Versandhandel
LT2.5: Das Lunar-Projekt – Part EDI-Outsourcing mit SAP Information Interchange OnDemand
LT2.4: HIT – Wie die Nr. 1 in der Kundenzufriedenheit durch die Integration der Werbeprozesse regional punktet
LT1.6: Internationales Wachstum managen mit SAP Business ByDesign, der Software für Tochtergesellschaften und mittelständige Unternehmen
LT1.5: Projekt „PEGASUS“ – Integration der Wertschöpfungskette von der Produktentwicklung bis zum Shop bei ESCADA
LT1.4: Preise, Konditionen, Marge – Media-Saturn nutzt SAP HANA für innovative Prozesse. Erfahrungsbericht zum aktuellen Ramp-Up-Projekt
Die Sehnsüchte des Krisumenten
Product Data Management im Rahmen von Multichannel Business und Social Media
Flexibilität am POS – die neue Filiallösung der Valora (steht nicht zur Verfügung)
Mit Bricks and Mortar in die mobile Online-Zukunft?
Retail – The challenge of fast changing shoppers – new channels, new demands – a new World of Retail
LT2.3: High performance SAP – proven! (steht nicht zur Verfügung)
LT2.2: Magazine zum Globus, ein Unternehmen der Migros Gruppe, setzt bei Planung und Reporting auf SAP HANA
LT2.1: Produktentwicklung für Eigenmarken im Handel
LT1.3: Innovative Filialprozesse – Einführung des SAP In-Store Merchandise and Inventory Management bei der Telekom Shop Vertriebsgesellschaft
LT1.2: SAP im Taschenformat – BREE Collection, Filialhandel und Großhandel integriert in einem System
LT1.1: Erfahrungsbericht: Einführung und Betrieb von SAP for Retail bei Globetrotter Ausrüstung Denart & Lechhart GmbH
Begrüßung - SAP Handelssymposium 2012
Next Generation Retail Solutions
SAP@Fressnapf – Insights in das Implementierungsprojekt „Compass“
Fressnapf: Führender Cross Channel Retailer in Europa
Agenda - SAP-Handelssymposium 2012
SAP runs better with in-memory computing
Why wait?
Driving Business Execution through Human Capital Alignment Webcast
Jak na správu mobilních zařízení
SAP Benchmarking - Co Vám mobilita přinese? Lze to měřit?
Mobilní řešení pro odvětví
Praktické příklady mobilních aplikací
Koncepční přístup k podnikové mobilitě
Proč se zabývat mobilitou? A není to jen další buzz word…
Maximize Savings and Increase Spend Visibility -- SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management Webcast
SAP Cloud Solutions & Strategy Webcast
Enhancing Compensation Management at Coca-Cola Refreshments Webcast
Introduction to SAP's HANA In-Memory Computing Technology Supporting State & Local Governments and K-12 Webcast
In-Memory Computing Webcast -- Lifting The Burden Of Big Data
SAP Travel Management: What‘s new
SAP Travel Receipts Management by OpenText
Introducing SAP Travel OnDemand - Designed for the Business Traveler
Ganzheitlicher Reiseworkflow - Fallstudie Bayerischer Rundfunk
"The Next Big Thing"
Agenda SAP-Infotag für Reisemanagement
Calculating the True Cost of RDBMS Ownership and How Sybase ASE Stacks Up Webcast
Improve Financial Outcomes, Forecasting, and Resource Allocation with Public Sector Budget Formulation Webcast
Analyze Faster: Combining the Power of SAP HANA with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence Webcast
Nutzung von SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (BPC) für die IT-Planung
Kredit- und Forderungsmanagement auf Basis der Lösung SAP ERP Financials bei der Bayer MaterialScience
SAP Vendor Invoice Management bei Bayer
Optimale Prozesse, flexibleres Finanzreporting und präziseres Forecasting ermöglichen: Chancen und Mehrwerte in Echtzeit durch SAP HANA
SAP ERP Add-on von VISTEX für die chemisch-pharmazeutische Industrie
Mobile Lösungen und Applikationen im Bereich Vertrieb, Service & Marketing
SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) bei der Merck KgaA
Wie führende Chemieunternehmen Preis & Margenmanagement zur Profitsteigerung nutzen
Entwicklung und Implementierung eines SAP basierten LIMS für Henkel Wasch- und Reinigungsmittel
Mobile SUP unter Tage – Applikation zur Traceability und Bestandführung von Sprengmittel
SAP ERP Roll-out Strategie bei der Flint Group mit besonderer Betrachtung kleiner Standorte
Zentrales Stammdatenmanagement mit SAP Master Data Governance bei der Merck KgaA
Zusammenfassung und Highlights – SAP für die Prozessindustrie
Der Greenfield Approach - Neuaufbau der Lanxess SAP-/ERP-Landschaft
Trends in der Chemieindustrie -
Dr. Kerstin Geiger
Trends in der Chemieindustrie -
Dr. Thomas Roick
Agenda "VCI & SAP Infotag 2012"
Introduction to SAP HANA, an In-Memory Computing Technology Supporting Higher Education and Research Webcast
Realize Value with the SAP User Experience Management Application by Knoa Webcast
How to Benefit from the Cloud without Hitting Turbulence Webcast
Public Sector Fiscal Performance Strategies Webcast
3 Best Practices to Leverage SAP Innovations Quickly and Effectively Webcast
Efficient Application Lifecycle Management Webcast
Mobility – was heißt das für unsere Partner
Zwiększ efektywność swojej firmy dzięki modułowi CRM rozwiązania SAP Business One.
wird nicht veröffentlicht
Applications on SAP HANA
Enterprise Performance Management and PM&GRC
Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management
SAP Business ByDesign für kleine Tochtergesellschaften
Sales on Demand
wird nicht veröffentlicht
Mobility - was heißt das für unsere Partner
SAP macht mobil: Die Mobility-Strategie der SAP
Line-of-Business Solutions
Rapid Deployment Solutions
SAP Business All-in-One Evolution 2012
Sybase ASE und IQ
SAP Consulting und Partner - Coopetition für erstklassige Ergebnisse bei unseren Kunden
Wachstum durch Innovationen
Wachstum gemeinsam mit Partnern
SAP Customer Experience Video "Breaking down the walls"
Wisdom of the Crowds Market Survey webcast by Howard Dresner
Collaborating for Better Business Intelligence with SAP StreamWork Webcast
Innovation, Mobility and Government Webcast
Proven MDM Strategies for Business Success: Insights from Aaron Zornes and SAP Webcast

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