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SAP Online Events & Webcasts

Benefit from 24/7 access to exclusive Webcasts in many languages about SAP solutions, innovations, and key business issues – complete with downloadable presentation slides, online demos, and brochures.


Date   Event
16 Nov 2012 Leverage "Big Data" to Understand Customer Demand
11 Oct 2012 Planning Your Maintenance Inventory Accurately and Efficiently?
10 Oct 2012 SAP Sybase PowerDesigner Blueprint Techcast Webcast: Using a Taxonomy to Manage Entities in a Data Model
09 Oct 2012 Finance Transformation in a Post-Crisis World: Thriving in Times of Uncertainty
08 Oct 2012 Enhanced Performance and Security with ASE ESD2
05 Oct 2012 Hear how Dow Chemical is driving Product Safety and Stewardship with SAP products and services
02 Oct 2012 Ignite creative ideas and tap into your data – big and small – with SAP Visual Intelligence
01 Oct 2012 Medtronic Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
28 Sep 2012 Eby-Brown Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
27 Sep 2012 The Integrated Finance Enterprise – Achieving Financial Excellence and Turning Compliance into a Competitive Edge
25 Sep 2012 Sustain the Value of your Technology Investment – Learning Doesn't End at Go-Live
24 Sep 2012 Easy ROI in TMS: How companies are lowering their freight spend and improving customer satisfaction with transportation management systems
22 Sep 2012 Innovation Made Easy: McAfee Prepares for Innovation with SAP Business Suite 7
20 Sep 2012 Finding the right WMS: A guide to the different types, the value, and your options to improve efficiency, throughput and cost
17 Sep 2012 Simplified Business Innovation with Quality Assurance Services from SAP
12 Sep 2012 Orchestrating Real-Time Support and Accelerated Innovation
05 Sep 2012 Webcast: At IBM, Complex Offerings Just Got a Lot Less Complicated
02 Sep 2012 Don't Underestimate the Impact that Training has on Project Success and Long-Term ROI
30 Aug 2012 Ganz einfach On Demand
29 Aug 2012 SAP Business All-in-One Fast Start
28 Aug 2012 Don't Underestimate the Impact that Training has on Project Success and Long-Term ROI
26 Aug 2012 Capgemini Procurement Services on SAP Sourcing OnDemand
24 Aug 2012 SAP ERP Rapid-Deployment Solution for Operational Reporting with SAP HANA
22 Aug 2012 TAMKO Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
21 Aug 2012 Home Trust Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
17 Aug 2012 Defining a Winning Mobile Strategy in Asset-Intensive Industries
16 Aug 2012 Reducing TCO with SAP Sybase ASE and Real-Time Data Platform Technology
06 Aug 2012 SAP Runs SuccessFactors: Better Together for Operational Excellence and Employee Engagement
01 Aug 2012 Deloitte Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why
31 Jul 2012 Three questions every organization should ask to optimize their risk management decisions
26 Jul 2012 Southern California Edison Chose SAP HANA. Here's Why.
22 Jul 2012 What every SAP customer should know about SAP’s Real-Time Data Platform
20 Jul 2012 SAP Energy Management Solution
19 Jul 2012 L'e-business simplifié avec Information Interchange OnDemand
17 Jul 2012 Artoni - Sapphire Madrid 2011
12 Jul 2012 SAP and SuccessFactors: Better Together Through Integrated Value
08 Jul 2012 A New Retail Paradigm: Solving Big Data to Enhance Real-Time Retailing
07 Jul 2012 Analytics Webinar Series from SAP: Run your business ‘in the moment’ for remarkable results
04 Jul 2012 Deep Dive on BW powered by HANA Migration Process & Benefits
02 Jul 2012 Proven Approaches to Mobilizing the Enterprise without Overhauling your Legacy Systems
30 Jun 2012 Maximize Your HR Investment with SAP and SuccessFactors
28 Jun 2012 Roadmap to the Cloud: From Virtualization to your Optimal Cloud Solution
24 Jun 2012 Mastering Big Data to Exploit New Opportunities in Real-Time
20 Jun 2012 SAP Innovations: Leading the Way in Finance
17 Jun 2012 Empowering Your Employees with Real-Time Mobile Analytics
15 Jun 2012 Enabling Business in the Moment with Analytics – Leveraging the Latest Technology Innovations
12 Jun 2012 SAP's HR Roadmap: What's in Store for the Future Webcast
09 Jun 2012 Introducing SAP Advanced Delivery Management: The New Way of Implementing SAP Solutions
07 Jun 2012 Rethinking the Art of the Possible with SAP HANA Services
02 Jun 2012 Predictive analytics The muscle behind every successful trade promotion
31 May 2012 SAP Helps Retailers Cash in on Big Data Webcast
25 May 2012 Altron Runs Better with BI 4.0
18 May 2012 Sybase: Customer Testimonial Video
15 May 2012 Social Media Analytics for Disney Webcast
08 May 2012 Faster, Higher, Stronger Webcast -- In-Memory Computing Disruption and What SAP HANA Means for Your Organization
07 May 2012 SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by HANA Deep Dive Webcast
06 May 2012 A simpler, less-expensive interface Webcast -- SAP Application Interface Framework 2.0
04 May 2012 Cut through the complexity -- SAP Solution Sales Configuration Webcast
03 May 2012 In the innovation race, SAP ActiveEmbedded launches you into the lead
30 Apr 2012 Accelerating Your Mobile Applications Strategy with SAP Services
25 Apr 2012 SAP runs better with in-memory computing
22 Apr 2012 Why wait?
20 Apr 2012 Driving Business Execution through Human Capital Alignment Webcast
19 Apr 2012 3 Best Practices to Leverage SAP Innovations Quickly and Effectively
16 Apr 2012 Maximize Savings and Increase Spend Visibility -- SAP BusinessObjects Spend Performance Management Webcast
13 Apr 2012 SAP Cloud Solutions & Strategy Webcast
12 Apr 2012 Enhancing Compensation Management at Coca-Cola Refreshments Webcast
10 Apr 2012 Introduction to SAP's HANA In-Memory Computing Technology Supporting State & Local Governments and K-12 Webcast
05 Apr 2012 In-Memory Computing Webcast -- Lifting The Burden Of Big Data
02 Apr 2012 Calculating the True Cost of RDBMS Ownership and How Sybase ASE Stacks Up Webcast
29 Mar 2012 Improve Financial Outcomes, Forecasting, and Resource Allocation with Public Sector Budget Formulation Webcast
27 Mar 2012 Analyze Faster: Combining the Power of SAP HANA with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence Webcast
25 Mar 2012 Introduction to SAP HANA, an In-Memory Computing Technology Supporting Higher Education and Research Webcast
23 Mar 2012 Realize Value with the SAP User Experience Management Application by Knoa Webcast
20 Mar 2012 How to Benefit from the Cloud without Hitting Turbulence Webcast
10 Mar 2012 Public Sector Fiscal Performance Strategies Webcast
29 Feb 2012 3 Best Practices to Leverage SAP Innovations Quickly and Effectively Webcast
20 Feb 2012 Efficient Application Lifecycle Management Webcast
11 Jan 2012 Wisdom of the Crowds Market Survey Webcast by Howard Dresner
05 Jan 2012 Collaborating for Better Business Intelligence with SAP StreamWork Webcast
04 Jan 2012 Innovation, Mobility and Government Webcast
03 Jan 2012 Proven MDM Strategies for Business Success: Insights from Aaron Zornes and SAP Webcast

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