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Empower the End-Users who Power your Business Webcast

Learn how your company can better sustain your investment in SAP by further empowering your end-users. Recent innovations in mobility, training and social learning can help your company maximize the power and impact of your existing SAP Infrastructure.

Topics include:

  • New areas including mobility and the SAP HANA platform, and their impact on the real-time workforce
  • Using SAP Education offerings to help your organization protect, enhance, and extend your SAP knowledge infrastructure
  • Learning in the moment—social learning and our workspace
Guiding the discussion are subject-matter experts Jason Fox, head of North America education, SAP; and Kerry Brown, vice president of enablement for SAP Education.

The work environment and business landscape is changing and the pace of change is accelerating rapidly. With innovation everywhere in our world, end-users are behaving differently and their expectations for anytime, anywhere solutions are increasing. How do your end-users keep up? Attrition, job rotation, and business changes are factors that must continuously be under consideration.
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  • Jason Fox, Head of North America Education, SAP
  • Kerry Brown VP Enablement, SAP Education

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