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Boost Productivity with SAP User Experience Management by Knoa webcast

In a tight market, your business is challenged to optimize existing operational resources to sustain growth. How do you identify the most cost-effective opportunities for greater productivity?

With SAP User Experience Management, your company can gain access to immediate, actionable insights to help improve the experience and performance of SAP users. By leveraging these insights, you’ll be able to maximize the ROI and reduce the TCO of your SAP investments by achieving the following:
  • Increased adoption and user efficiency
  • Reduced user-support costs
  • Decreased application and end-user errors
  • Minimized user-response times
  • Improved compliance and reduced security issues
In this Webinar learn more about how SAP User Experience Management can help ensure that your workforce not only has the skills to execute today’s strategies, but can also take on the challenges of tomorrow.
Watch the Webcast


  • Kerry Brown, Vice President of Enablement, SAP Education
  • Mohit Bhatnagar, EVP Products & Services, Knoa Software Inc.

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