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Channel Management in the SemiConductor Industry featuring GSI Technology Webcast

Fierce competition in the semiconductor and component manufacturing industry forces companies to continually look at new technologies that can lower the cost of production, better manage inventory, and optimize channel efficiencies. But just as important, in an industry where within a matter of months the price of a new chip can fall significantly, it becomes imperative to also look at reducing the costs of transactions and automating channel sales processes.
Watch the Webcast

In this webcast, you will hear how GSI Technology, a state of the art semiconductor company, achieved best-of-class in manufacturing cost and channel inventory visibility. In partnering with SAP and Systech Integrators, GSI Technology was able to:

  • Significantly improve processes and increase accuracy of data
  • Save in channel administration costs
  • Automate debit authorizations and reduce processing time from three days to one hour
  • Reduce quote turn-around time from days to hours


  • Nachu Sambasivam, Controller, GSI Technology
  • Shiv Thiagarajan, High Tech Practice Manager, Systech
  • Tisha Bocian, Director, CRM COE, SAP

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