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SAP Shared Service Framework Webcast -- The Key to Operational Excellence

SAP Shared Service Framework software adds value to companies by automating labor-intensive administrative processes, which frees up HR staff to become strategic partners of the business. The SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM) solution, together with the new SAP Shared Service Framework, support the HR shared-service roadmap by leveraging a state-of-the-art service-center front end that is uniquely tied to HR business processes.
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Many different kinds of HR business processes are accommodated, including administrative processes, employee and manager self-services, and HCM processes and forms. The shared-services center agent creates service requests, or tickets, that are associated with HR processes and tracked for compliance with service-level agreements. Dashboards are used to identify problem areas for management and employee and manager surveys allow easy assessment of customer satisfaction.

SAP Shared Service Framework is multi-functional, allowing the deployment of the same architecture to support HR, Finance, IT, and other business functions. This enables all service-center operations to be run using the same architecture and governance structure.


  • Jim Erickson, Solution Principal, HCM Center of Excellence, SAP
  • Alex Schmidt, HCM Solution Engineer, SAP Americas

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