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SAP BusinessObjects Analytic Applications Webcast Series

Leveraging BI to eliminate stock outs and drive consumer sell-through at the shelf Webcast

In Consumer Products today, everything counts – but it can be hard to keep your strategic decisions aligned with day-to-day operational tactics. Are your trade promotions driving sales and profits? Is your supply chain planning resulting in better execution at the shelf? Unless you have the tools to help you accurately measure performance, how can you tell what’s working and what’s not?
Watch the Webcast

Join IDC analyst Simon Ellis and SAP’s Rick Porter for an interactive webcast “Leveraging BI to Eliminate Stock Outs and Drive Consumer Sell-Through at the Shelf”. You’ll hear:

  • Why industry leaders are now turning to business intelligence tools to integrate decision making
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of your promotional trade spending and drive consumer sell-through
  • How to help eliminate lost sales by minimizing stock outs and maximizing on shelf-availability


  • Simon Ellis, Practice Director, Supply Chain Strategies, IDC
  • Rick Porter, Senior Director, Business Analytic Solutions Group, SAP

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