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Empower the End Users Who Power Your Business Webcast Series

A Webcast Series from SAP Education Featuring Michael Doane

In this three-part Webcast series, Michael Doane, with SAP experts, examines the crisis of competency among end users who work with SAP software – its causes, its costs and his prescription for change.

You’ll also have an opportunity to assess the performance of your organization’s end users. The results plus Michael Doane’s and SAP’s guidance will be presented during the second Webcast to help you rewrite your road map for end user success.

End Users at the Wheel Webcast
Explore the root causes-and heavy costs-of the poor state of end user competency in organizations running SAP software.

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What’s Your End User Aptitude? Webcast
The results of the self-assessment survey revealed. Plus Michael and SAP experts provide guidance on how to interpret the results.

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Setting End Users on a New Course Webcast
Set the final road map for your business success. Learn how to nurture end users and sustain their knowledge over time.

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