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The webcast series below focuses on innovative ways of leveraging strategy to solve today’s most compelling business challenges. Each Webcast has been developed around the goals and interests of top business leaders.

Side note: Executive Vice President Bob Stutz was appointed to lead PCN in 2010

Strategy to Execution Webcasts

Strategy to Execution Vision
Learn about the value that the SAP BusinessObjects solutions can bring and how they complement the rest of the SAP portfolio to close the gap between strategy and execution.

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Linking Strategy to Operations
During this Webcast, you will hear best practices from thought leaders on how to close the gap between the strategy and execution of key business initiatives so your enterprise can outperform its peers.

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BI for Everyone
Learn how SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is different and delivers value in weeks, not months or years.

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Strategy to Execution Roadmap
Gain insights into how to strategically leverage planned SAP BusinessObjects portfolio innovations and optimize business performance.

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Sustainability Webcasts

"Why Sustainability as a Strategy Now?"
During this Webcast "Why Sustainability as a Strategy Now?" industry experts offer best practices for integrating sustainability into your business strategy.

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Sustainability Co-Innovation Roadmap
During the "Sustainability Co-innovation Road Map" Webcast, experts will share best practices for addressing regulation-related sustainability risks and for creating sustainable products.

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